Credit despite unemployment | Get credit as an unemployed person.

A loan despite unemployment is not easy to obtain, but is often necessary for a variety of reasons. If the job loss comes unexpectedly, the unemployment benefit is not enough to finance the living cost of living. Long-term contracts – such as insurance or membership in the gym – can not be terminated at short notice. Reserves, if any, are quickly used up. Then come unplanned costs, such as a defect in the car, it is tight.

The Dispo – convenient, but expensive

The Dispo - convenient, but expensive

The easiest way to cover additional funds is probably the overdrawing of the checking account. As a rule, the banks clear a disposition credit of between one and three months’ salary and do not terminate this provision immediately if the salary is not received. The dispo is convenient, but expensive.

The financial institutions demand almost 10% annual interest on average, with direct banks, the conditions are a little cheaper. The high interest rates are particularly noticeable if you can not compensate the account for a long period of unemployment. Also, keep in mind that the MRP frame should be safety for emergencies. Once exhausted, this upholstery is gone.

Do not borrow easily

Do not borrow easily

In principle, you should always check whether borrowing is necessary at all. Saving costs is still the cheapest and safest way to keep your finances clean. On the other hand, debt is not a disaster, especially if the loan is used to find new work. A car may not be necessary for purchases and the like, but if an interesting job is not available on public transport, then a car loan is a good investment despite being unemployed. In this specific case, financing may even be less problematic than a normal consumer loan, because the vehicle itself serves as security.

Great care should be taken when loan contracts are advertised as special offers for the unemployed, without Credit Bureau or as a Swiss loan. No lender has money to give away, and especially in Switzerland, the acceptance requirements are particularly stringent. Stay away from all the loans that you should pay for, such as downloading application documents, paying hotlines or checking credit.

Many cheated customers make the experience here: except expenses have been nothing. Talk to your house bank about your financial situation, use online loan comparisons. If the banks are actually tight, intermediation platforms for personal loans on the Internet are a sensible alternative. Here, private individuals act as lenders. Cheap is not, the interest rates are often in the double-digit range. But the contractors are not bound by the strict rules for banks and therefore take more risk in view of the higher return.