Why Jack and Camels Can’t Live Without Jack and Camels


What is Camels’ story?

What is Camels

For a biker’s in depth account of why we can’t live without Jack and Camels, we must first delve into the back story to explain exactly what Camels are. Camels’ story is that he was a successful dealer in the motorcycle industry for many years. His company was founded in 1975 and operated successfully.

During the 1980’s, a new company called MC Racing came into the scene. While Camels was working with MC Racing, they developed a look that the rest of the motorcycle industry had not yet come up with. Called MC Camouflage, this new design was going to change motorcycle styling forever.

However, one day Camels received a phone call from a professional rider that he knew. The rider told him that the company that Jack and Camels sold to had figured out how to camouflage their motorcycles. And in order to be successful, Camels would have to use the MC Camouflage design.

Widen your imagination

The plan was that Jack and Camels would go on a tour together and Camels would provide some training for the riders. This would give them the chance to showcase the new look and win a new contract with a very large motorcycle company. Camels however knew it was not good for his company if he tried to do this.

How about Jack?

How about Jack?

The first person that called Jack was none other than Camels wife, Erica. She didn’t care what Camels thought and wanted to see him riding some of the new designs. She was so mad about how Camels behaved that she couldn’t wait until she could break it to him.

So Camels went to see Erica, still upset about him not wanting to ride the new designs. But Erica really didn’t know what to think because she didn’t know Jack at all. So when Jack told her that he had been riding in Europe, she was extremely excited to hear the news.

But when she got off the phone with Jack, she found out that he was actually working with another company in Europe. In fact, he was working as a consultant with a company called Biker. So it turns out Jack wasn’t that close to Camels at all. And she was mad at him.

Why Camels and Erica were fighting?

Why Camels and Erica were fighting?

Camels and Erica had another argument and now they were fighting like cats and dogs. Jack was on the verge of quitting the company because of his wife’s attitude and how she made it very difficult for him to ride the new bikes. She was actually trying to sabotage his business.

Camels told Jack that he needed to take the time to ride some of the MC Camouflage designs. Now he would be able to tell his friends and family why he was having such a hard time. He would also be able to put the words out in the market that he was still in love with Erica and that he loved her more than anything.

After doing the thing, Jack and Camels went on another trip together and they both showed off the new designs they had been working on. It turns out the design that Jack had invented was called the Jetstream.

Jack found out that Camels was really helping him with this new design and not telling him the truth. As a result, Jack realized that he needed to spend more time with his wife. And before he could do that, he was asked to come in to testify against a judge that had accused him of stealing a car.

Jack decided to come clean with Camels to make things right with his wife and it worked. Then Jack found out that the judge was named Clyde, so he had to come up with a great legal strategy to get him out of jail and to the dealership.