10 Best Anime With Worst Villains

There is a wide variety of potential villains. From well fleshed out villains with a haunting story to poorly constructed villains. This is a hurdle that many long-running anime series fall into, as it would be a daunting task to come up with incredible stories for every enemy the protagonist encounters.

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Not every villain is expected to be augmented, but there are plenty of instances where even the most popular anime have created characters that fans would rather forget about. Some of the best anime have the worst villains. The filler enemies, the ones with terrible vindications, and the ones that are downright annoying.

ten Enji Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

Enji Todoroki covered in fire

Not considered the “worst” in terms of entertainment value and dimensions, but Enji Todoroki’s my hero academia certainly has ridiculous actions. Thanks to his pride, he becomes a control freak. This affects her marriage and the relationship with her son. It’s refreshing to see a character’s cruelty stem from real-life issues. But, the abuse of his son and wife, which drives her crazy, is just one that has fans turning away in disgust.

9 Gato (Naruto)

Gato with sunglasses looking at the camera

One anime trope that many fall into is the “evil mastermind” with no real strength or power of its own, hiding behind much stronger subordinates. This is never described more precisely than in naruto with the character of Gato. You’d expect a long-running anime to have its worst villain in the form of a filler enemy, but Gato was the main villain for an entire arc of naruto.

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Many fans dubbed him a boring, worthless character who didn’t add anything to the overall story. After the heroes managed to defeat all of his henchmen, it was obvious that he wouldn’t last long. It made every fan wonder why he was there in the first place.

8 Emperor Pilaf (Dragon Ball)

Emperor Pilaf holding his head and sweating

Growing pains are always to be expected when a new franchise and anime try to find their footing. dragonball exemplifies this perfectly with the series’ first main villain, Emperor Pilaf. In massive contrast to the likes of wicked King Piccolo, Pilaf was nothing but a ridiculous and sorry excuse for an enemy.

With nothing but an illusion of grandeur, he plots to take over the world and fails miserably. The only villain who managed to collect all the Dragon Balls twice, he managed to get it wrong both times.

seven Akihiko Kayaba (Sword Art Online)

Profile of Akihiko Kayaba's face

The bigger an anime, the bigger the disappointment when fans are faced with something they don’t love. Sword Art Online is about a virtual reality MMORPG where players cannot log out and are trapped until they complete the game.

Akihiko was the game’s developer, but what made him terrible (other than his ridiculous personality) was the fact that he never seemed to plan ahead and forgot his intention after taking action. If that’s not enough, he had to enter the game but used a cheat code to make himself invincible.

6 The Big Five (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

The Big Five side by side

Filler episodes are always a nuisance to a fan of any show, except for the rare cases when it’s an entertaining story. This was certainly not the case in Yu Gi Oh!,when they decided to add a filler arc about Kaiba losing his business and having to go to cyberspace to get it back.

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Nobody wanted a group of 5 disgruntled, tasteless, interchangeable suits to play a card game for control of a massive corporation. What makes it ridiculous and unnecessary is Crump’s obsession with penguins and taking over Tristain’s body.

5 Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon)

Queen Beryl looking at the camera

In direct contrast to the weak brain trope of naruto‘s Gato, an anime exaggerates an enemy’s power and ability. Eventually they send their mercenaries to do their bidding for them. It’s here that Sailor MoonQueen Beryl fell short as an antagonist.

Again the main enemy of the first arc, she was soon overshadowed by other more powerful foes. Most fans were disappointed that she never really showed what she was capable of.

4 Ginyu Force (Dragon Ball Z)

Ginyu Force standing at the parade rests on Namek

Having entertaining enemies is the cornerstone of any decent Shonen anime that wants to keep fans interested. Dragon Ball Z‘s Ginyu Force is a perfect example of too much of a good thing. When the legendary world destroyer Frieza was finally introduced to fans, it was a slap in the face to have to wait even longer to see him in action.

The Ginyu Force was nothing but a theatrical team that contributed nothing to the story other than showing off special abilities. When faced with villains like Cell and Majin Buu, this group was a joke.

3 Jiggle ButtGang (Fairy Tail)

Jiggle Butt Gang Showing Their Butts

Obviously, the writers behind Fairy tale weren’t trying to be taken too seriously when they called a gang of enemies the “Jiggle Butt Gang”. Fans on all levels rolled their eyes or burst out laughing after their introduction as a legit group of villains.

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True to the name of the gang, they all had jelly butts. If their goofy looks weren’t enough to cement them as the worst antagonists of Fairy tale, their ridiculousness is certainly. It was hard for fans to take these villains seriously.

2 Ramen Kenpo (One Piece)

Ramen Kenpo

As one of the few anime to surpass the 1,000 episode milestone, A piece has a cornucopia of evil villains to choose from. It would be an impossible task for every enemy to be a big, fleshed-out villain in the long run.

This couldn’t be more true with the most absurd imaginable, Ramen Kenpo. Kenpo is an enemy who fought with ramen. This character was so ridiculous that he wasn’t particularly memorable to fans. Instead, most fans would call him “the ramen guy.” It is certainly better to forget it.

1 Team Rocket (Pokemon)

Team Rocket Poses

The Rocket team of Pokemon are particularly poor villains. Their vain attempt to catch Pikachu almost every episode has only become tedious over the years. It’s a shame, because there have been instances where we get a glimpse of the emotional and real sides of Jesse, James, and Meowth. Unfortunately, whenever it looks like there will be a bit of character development, they just go back to their boring ways.

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