2021 Ford Bronco Extreme Terrain review



Extreme Terrain is back with a new review of the brand new Ford Bronco 2021. The Extreme Terrain team recently featured the beast that is Bronco’s Big Bend model in their popular ride-on videos.

Host Justin Dugan highlights every nook and cranny of the Ford Bronco in a 24-minute explainer. The new Big Bend Ford Bronco will give Jeep a run for its money, says Dugan, with functionality and styling improvements in 2021.

Extreme Terrain’s Big Bend model offers a retro vibe, while showcasing Ford’s new off-road capabilities.

Extreme Terrain Ford Bronco Big Bend

“Ford kept the sheet metal nice and square,” said Dugan. “Unlike the predecessors that came before it, this is the first time that the Bronco has been offered with four doors. Ford actually expects the four-door variant to sell better than the two-door one.

The team put the Bronco on its in-house test bench before running its engine on the streets, testing its raw horsepower. This one has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, with a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. In total, he will have around 300 horsepower. “It’s bouncy,” said Dugan, even with Sasquatch’s 35-inch tires.

“It’s a real rocket,” he said. “You’re looking for 330 horsepower and 415 pounds of torque on the 93 Octane. Depending on your drivetrain, there is about 10-15% loss due to drivetrain loss.

Obviously, they hit 295 horsepower on the dyno.

The new Bronco is built in a very modular way!

The grille, Dugan explained, is also easy to remove. This will help the Bronco to be modified to your liking. In addition, changes to its exterior, such as the front lights, give it a look like no other.

“The Bronco also gives you two options for the front bumper,” said Dugan. “We have the basic bumper on our Big Bend. The coldest bumper, however, is the heavy-duty modular steel front bumper, which will allow for additions. “

An interesting twist at the Bronco 2021 is that the windows are frameless, he points out. This makes a door lighter and also makes it easier for people to stow the doors in the rear cargo space. The doors weigh 40 pounds each on the four-door version and 60 pounds on the two-door Bronco.

The dashboard layout, he said, is “awesome” thanks to a new design. The 12-inch screen is a “significant upgrade in technology, as well as physics.”

The Bronco is so special thanks to its GOAT modes (passes over any type of terrain). There are plenty of off-road options in the all-new Bronco, which makes its ride as smooth as possible.

“Ford has done a great job making this thing very fun to drive on the road and still being able to get by off the road,” said Dugan.

Besides this review, Extreme Terrain also offers parts reviews and installation videos.


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