3 3-way exchanges for Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard, Houston Rockets

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The Houston Rockets are no strangers to a disgruntled superstar, and they’re also not afraid to pounce when one becomes available, which makes the new title all the more exciting. According to a report by Henry Abbot of Truehoop, Damien lillard should officially request a transaction in the next few days.

The Rockets may be in the first year of a rebuild, but whenever a player of Lillard’s quality becomes available, it’s imperative to try and be part of the action. James Harden’s own superstar trade means the Rockets have assets on hand to land Damian Lillard.

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With three first-round picks in the 2021 NBA Draft and potentially eight more first-round picks through 2027 the Rockets have the draft capital to bring down any team. Add Kevin Porter Jr’s superstar potential and the Rockets suddenly become favorites to land one of the best offensive players in the league

Blowing up a rebuild in the first year to go all-in may be too daring for some, but as the Romans used to say, “audentes Fortuna iuvat” or “fortune favors the daring”, if your Latin is a bit rusty, and they build a empire that lasted a millennium. No player is more daring than Damian Lillard and a pair of him and Christian Wood would form one of the most dangerous pick-and-roll combinations in NBA history.

However, if the Rockets are serious about attracting Damian Lillard to Houston, they’ll need to bring another star into the fold, which means a third team. Here are three three-team trades that turn the Rockets into a ready-made title contender.

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