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Confederate Motors, identified as Curtiss Motorcycles since 2017, is an American manufacturer of exotic and stylish street motorcycles headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The brand was founded in 1991, with its rather impressive product portfolio including impeccably designed B120 Wraith and F131 Hellcat motorcycles. Both of these machines were well received by the vibrant cycling community, placing first and second respectively in the “AWD World Championship of Custom Bike Building Show” at the popular Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2007.

The ever increasing popularity of electromobility will lead Curtiss Motorcycles to reinvent itself by focusing on creating a line of fully electric motorcycles in 2017. This gradual business decision was materialized by Curtiss Motorcycles when they teamed up with the famous manufacturer. of Zero Motorcycles electric motorcycles. . The fusion’s limited-edition all-electric two-wheeler sported “the densest engine in the world,” as Curtiss Motorcycles claims. The essence of the brand motorbike the lineage is rather colorful, with their R131 Fighter which made cycling enthusiasts around the world swoon when it was launched in 2013.

The Confederate R131 Fighter was a threat machine. The aesthetic appeal of this motorcycle was complemented by its superior overall construction and competent performance dynamics. However, with production limited to just ten units, it was a rather exclusive piece of engineering, and the hefty price tag of this monstrous creation came as no surprise.

Breathtaking exterior design

Side view of an R131 Confederate fighter

Via Silodrome.com

The overall design language of the Confederate R131 Fighter was a good mix of functionality and aesthetics. The construction of the sleek motorcycle consisted of a “Triple Load Path Aluminum Monocoque” frame developed by Confederate Motorcycles, made from aircraft grade aluminum, resulting in reduced weight, immense durability and levels of performance. high level aerodynamics.

The inclusion of the ultra-stylish yet extremely light carbon fiber wheels further polished the glorious aesthetic appeal of the Fighter R131 and also contributed to the ‘strong but light’ theme of the bike, making it one of the two. – the most intelligently designed bare wheels of its time.

Superior suspension and brake setup

The suspension setup of a Confederate R131 fighter

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The Confederate R131 Fighter was not only a feast for the eyes, but it was also a well-tuned performer. The sleek bare bike featured premium 50mm Marzocchi forks with radial mounts up front, while the rear suspension setup housed a multi-adjustable Dual Penske coil-over with a cooling tank, operating in tandem to provide a relatively smooth driving experience.

The R131 Fighter’s beautiful, lightweight carbon fiber wheels were wrapped in large 130/60-VR18 front and 240/40-VR18 rear tires that accentuated grip, while the superior 4-piston unique disc brake setup developed by Brembo at the front and rear of the sleek naked motorcycle further boosted the rider’s level of confidence.

Overall, the R131 Fighter encompassed superior ride and handling characteristics that complemented its menacing aesthetic appeal as well as explosive performance dynamics, making it one of the most capable and complete barebones in the world. Confederate Motors team.

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Stunning performance dynamics and unparalleled heritage

An image of a Confederate R131 fighter in motion

Via YouTube / Los Angeles Times

The light and clever construction of the R131 Fighter proved to be of great benefit to the sleek two-wheeler. The R131 Fighter’s 2.15-liter DOHC four-stroke V2 engine grinder featured fuel injection and capitalized on its curb weight of just 460 lbs, turning it into something of a rocket in terms of speed and agility. .

The massive 150 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque from the high-energy power mill was handled by a seamless 5-speed transmission unit, and overall this magnificent lightweight monster from Confederate Motors was a home run in terms of performance dynamics emanating from unparalleled levels of character and thrill.

Confederate Motors’ sleek naked motorcycle was a cleverly built machine that was in a league of its own. However, the limited production of the hand-built R131 Fighter of only ten units, along with its gargantuan price of $ 100,000, made it a rather rare and desirable two-wheeler that has been well received by the passionate and passionate cycling community.

The Confederate R131 Fighter was a fairly unique offering from the Alabama-based two-wheeler manufacturer. The highly desirable naked motorcycle was an exquisite blend of aesthetics and clever construction elements, with its explosive power only making things even more exciting. Hardly any other naked two-wheeler has been able to match its gorgeous design language and overall sporty personality. The ultra-rare and highly exorbitant R131 Fighter has honed the respect and desirability factor of Confederate engines, and its overall dynamic set is still a hot topic of discussion among bike enthusiasts.

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