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Working with Rocket Mortgage® is a matter of course for Chicagoland brokers

Cassandra Bockman, broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Starck Real Estate, was born into the business. While her mother acts as a management broker for the business, which serves the entire Chicagoland region, the family’s real estate roots run even deeper. Her stepfather is a real estate attorney who is part of a group that drafted the Illinois 7.0 multi-council residential real estate contract, the most widely used in the state. His grandparents were brokers on the North Shore of Chicago.

“It’s almost too much information, but it taught me what not to do before it happens, because I’ve ‘heard this story’ before, so I’m doing all I can. to prevent it from becoming mine, ”says Bockman, who started working in real estate in 2005.

At the time, the company was an independent, family-owned business with a handful of offices in northern Illinois. By partnering with Starck Prudential after the recession, the company became the largest suburban Chicago company.

One of the keys to the continued success of the business is this affiliation with Rocket Mortgage.

“When we first got together with Rocket Mortgage and started getting referrals through them, that was huge for me. I was coming back from the suburbs to the city and I needed to rebuild my immediate sphere, ”says Bockman. “The Rocket Referrals have helped me grow my own business and I have almost tripled my total sales in just three years. 2021 will be my biggest yet, closing $ 10,000,000 since the start of the year. I’m on a whole new level now.

Bockman always starts by telling listing agents who are in his favorite circle, including his favorite lawyer and mortgage lender. Rocket Mortgage tops the list because experience has taught Bockman that if you know the lender and the team you’re working with, it’s a smooth experience.

“We work with a great group of people that we have met face to face,” says Bockman. “They’ve been to Starck a handful of times. It’s really important to be able to say that I can put a face to this name while working with listing agents. That’s what they want to hear, and it’s the truth.

Bockman has also leveraged Rocket ProSM Insight to improve his business. The technology platform allows it to offer customers a better experience while paving the way for closing.

“It’s great to work with me through Rocket Mortgage and the portal,” Bockman says. “I never send an offer without talking about it at least twice to the listing agent. Good communication is the biggest key to my success. I always want to have this conversation up front and make sure they know I’m working with my favorite lender. Their rates and incentives are simply unbeatable with what they can offer buyers. It really is obvious.

Better yet, when the seller reviews the contract, they’ll see a direct number for Bockman’s Rocket Mortgage Agent Relationship Manager. “The good thing about my specialty group at Rocket Mortgage is that they have a much better handle on the details of what actions are taken in Illinois and how a transaction works. This has been a huge change from the last few years. I don’t care if you are a large or a small lender, if you are not from our state you will quickly find that there is a learning curve here, ”says Bockman. “I’ve never seen an out-of-state lender get it right the first time without some kind of bump in the road. I don’t have to worry about that when working with my Rocket team, and that’s it.

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