Action Comics #1 CGC 6.0 Rocket Copy sells for $3,180,000


the Action comics #1 CGC 6.0 “Rocket Copy” comes from sold for $3,180,000 heritage auction. This copy, from the family of the first owner who bought it on newsstands at the age of 13, is called the “Rocket Copy” because this young buyer affixed a stamp representing a rocket on the cover. 1938 comic book features DC Comics’ first appearance of Superman, per the creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Action Comics #1 Rocket Copy.

The hammer price of this copy of Action comics #1 is the third-highest price ever paid for a copy of this issue, the fourth-highest price ever paid for a comic, and the fourth comic to break the $3 million barrier. The $3 million club at the top of the comic book charts currently stands as follows:

  1. Incredible Fantasy #15 GSC 9.6 September 2021 sale for $3,600,000.
  2. Action comics #1 CGC 8.5, April 2021 sale for $3,250,000.
  3. Action comics #1 CCG 9.0 April 2014 $3,207,852
  4. Action comics #1 CGC Rocket Copy 6.0 January 2022 $3,180,000.

Three of those four sales have taken place in the past year, which certainly reflects the incredible run the market for vintage comics and original art has had over this period.

Action Comics #1 Rocket Copy.
Action Comics #1 Rocket Copy.

Action Comics #1 Rocket Copy (DC, 1938) CGC FN 6.0 White Pages. It’s aptly named “The Rocket Copy” because the cover bears the stamped imprint of a rocket that was applied by the 13-year-old who bought this copy of Action Comics #1 on the stands in 1938. C This is the first original owner copy of the issue we’ve offered since Billy Wright’s copy in 2012, and it’s the highest-rated copy we’ve ever featured.

It is without a doubt the most important comic book ever published. The Superhero genre was basically born with this problem, as was the golden age of comics. Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster had been submitting ideas to newspapers for several years – since they were still teenagers – and had begun working in the new comic book genre in 1935, while refining their ideas for a Superman character. . Their early ideas for the character were rejected, but in 1938 publisher Detective Comics (DC) decided to introduce Superman in the first issue of a new anthology comic called Action Comics, and the rest was up to the story.

Ernst Gerber’s 1989 Photo-Journal Guide to Comic Books gave Action Comics #1 a rarity rating of “7” or “rare”, estimating that no more than 50 copies existed. This turns out to be a conservative estimate, since CGC has so far certified 75 copies (only 43 unrestored) of the issue. But it is extremely difficult to find an unrestored copy in the quality offered here. It’s the finest copy we’ve ever offered in our 20 years of comic book auctions, from grade FN 6.0 to amazingly vivid colors and unbelievably unmistakable white pages! And the actual stamp that produced the footprint of the rocket is included!

Besides the first appearance of Superman, here are the first appearances of Lois Lane and Zatara. Joe Shuster created the iconic cover, with Fred Guardineer and Bernard Baily contributing story art to this issue. Overstreet 2021 FN 6.0 value = $920,500. CGC 1/22 Census: 2 out of 6.0, 8 more.

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