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Working on a car, in most scenarios, involves lifting it off the ground. That’s fine, but candles aren’t always the best solution. Although they may be the industry standard, they are only useful under ideal conditions. There are instances where they can block what you’re doing, damage your expensive floors, or even not be able to fit under your vehicle. Available for $139, the Jack Rod is a quick and compact alternative to raising your car safely.

Jack rod holder

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How it works

agm jack rod holder in use

Trevor Raab

The Jack Rod really is as simple as it sounds. Once you have a corner of your vehicle lifted into the air, you attach the jack rod between the jack axles to the ground. It also extends to accommodate vehicles that need to be lifted higher; its spring-loaded trigger—milled from machined aluminum—allowed me to easily adjust the length from 8 inches all the way up to 14 at maximum extension.

Prevention is better than cure

agm jack rod holder in use

Trevor Raab

The jacking points on my Volkswagen GTI are just microscopic compared to other vehicles. That means I just don’t have room to fit a kickstand under the factory jacking points with a jack in place. This is where the Jack Rod is a great solution to my problem. Sure, I could lift my vehicle’s pinch weld farther to leave the jacking point exposed, but I’m not willing to risk bending the pinch weld and causing the car to fall. Of course, many mechanics will tell you that everything is fine, but it’s important to always err on the side of caution when it comes to working on your automobile.

Due to this inherent issue, I often only lift one side of my car at a time when doing work on my vehicle – I recently rotated my tires. I’ll usually slide a jack under the front jacking point, put a jack stand under the rear jacking point, and then do whatever I need to do. That’s fine, but there’s always a risk of the car falling if the jack bumps or breaks down on its own. Fortunately, now that I have the Jack Rod supporting the jack, I feel much safer working on my car; it can hold up to two tons, almost double the weight of my GTI hatchback.

The verdict

The Jack Rod is therefore an excellent alternative to conventional candles, which are much more cumbersome. It will definitely pay dividends for quick jobs and more intricate jobs in the home garage. However, I have a few small reservations.

agm jack rod holder in use

Trevor Raab

First of all, having to reach under the car to install the Jack Rod is not ideal. It’s not rocket science that conventional jack stands allow the car to be fully supported before soft targets crawl under the vehicle. That’s not to say the $139 price tag will be hard to justify when a basic set of jack stands can be had for much less – this Hein Werner 3-ton jack set is only $80.

That said, it’s true when they say you get what you pay for. In addition to the sturdy construction of the Jack Rod, it is an excellent device for working on modern automobiles, which tend to be much more difficult to jack up than older vehicles. This makes it a much easier, safer, and sometimes faster solution than a clumsy set of jack stands.

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