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Reginald Hudlin tells the DC FanDome that a Milestone animated film is in development and even shares some of the artwork from the film.

A new Milestone animated film was announced at the DC FanDome. Milestone Media was founded by a group of African American artists, including Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle, in 1993 with the goal of addressing the under-representation of racial minorities in super franchises. -hero. DC distributed and published the company’s comics, forming the Dakotaverse featuring Milestone Media’s most popular characters. Titles like Equipment, Static, Blood Syndicate, and Icon quickly became popular with fans, expanding the universe beyond comics and TV shows and video games. In 1997, Milestone closed its comic book division, although now the media company is experiencing a resurgence.

Plans for a Milestone revival date date back to 2015. Writer Reginald Hudlin has worked tirelessly with surviving co-founders Denys Cowan and Derek Dingle to revive the media group, although only now are his efforts are paying off. At DC FanDome last year, Hudlin announced that the Milestone Comics line would be relaunched soon. The imprint then returned with great success earlier this year, launching titles, such as Static: Season 1, Icon and rocket: Season 1, and Material: Season 1. Now it looks like the company is venturing into digital media as well, as a new movie set in the Dakotaverse has been announced.

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During DC FanDome 2021, Hudlin and Cowan announced that an animated film Milestone the film is in preparation. At the moment, the project appears to be in its infancy as there are no directors or talents attached to it, although Hudlin and Cowan have confirmed that the screenplay is written by Material: Season 1 writer Brandon Thomas. Hudlin and Cowan also shared the official artwork for the film by artist Bill Sienkiewicz. The poster brings together several Milestone superheroes, including Static, Rocket, Icon and Hardware, confirming their appearance in the upcoming film. Look at the picture (via DC Comics) below.

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Over the years, Milestone Media characters have appeared in several television shows and video games. Static, for example, was the frontman of his own animated series, which aired on Kids’ WB for four seasons, and Rocket also appeared as a playable character in Legacy of young justice. Yet after all this time, none of the Dakotaverse’s superheroes have made it to the big screen. But in this new era of Milestone revival, the visionaries behind the media group are also trying to bring their characters to life in the movies. Currently a Static shock the film is also in development in addition to the animation Milestone movie. It is produced by Hudlin and Michael B. Jordan, with Randy McKinnon writing the screenplay. Further details on both Static shock and Milestone are currently rare, but fans will surely learn more about them in the days to come.

There is no better way for Milestone Media to rekindle fans’ interest in its colorful characters than by making an animated film about them. The superheroes of the Dakotaverse are all very popular, and seeing them together in one place is nothing short of a dream come true for ardent enthusiasts. Of course, the media group could have gone for a live-action movie instead, but now it feels a bit too early for that, as it’s better to present superheroes independently before having them cross paths in. each other’s stories. This is still a possibility down the line, especially if the new Milestone animated film turns out to be a success. Obviously, at the moment there is not so much information to do anything about the ad. But I hope that over time the fans will get acquainted with the principle of Milestone and what it has to offer.

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Source: DC FanDome (via DC Comics)

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