Battlefield 2042 Practice Beta – Flying Into The Tornado



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There was a wacky moment in my Battlefield 2042 demo where I really felt like I was having fun. A tornado had appeared on the map, leaving destruction in its path. I jumped off a building and opened my parachute. But instead of avoiding the spinning tornado, I took to the skies just to see what would happen.

I laughed with the rest of my team because they had done the same. We are all dead. As publisher Electronic Arts puts it in its marketing, this was one of those “only in Battlefield” moments, and that’s what the developers at DICE hope to distinguish this year from Battlefield 2042 from Call of Duty: Vanguard during the holiday sales season.

The tornado, which you can see in the embedded videos, was a feature of the beta of the latest installment in the Battlefield series coming from DICE and Electronic Arts on November 19 on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. It’s a sometimes crazy experience played on huge maps with up to 128 players and a destructible environment with dynamic events.

Early Access to the Open Beta begins today for players who have pre-ordered or are members of the EA Play subscription service. Full beta access begins Friday, October 8, and continues through Sunday, October 10. This version offers three modes: Conquest, Portal and Danger. There will be a lot of booing and yelling from the people in your house playing the beta.

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Orbital map

Above: The Orbital card

Image Credit: EA / DICE

We played Conquest mode on the Orbital map only. It was a huge card, but EA called it a “medium size” card, located in Kourou, French Guiana. The battle is over control of a rocket site where a launch is imminent. The rocket can take off, but one side can destroy the rocket as well. And every once in a while, as we’ve discovered, a storm can hit the map, followed by a tornado.

The center of the map has a large open and hilly area where vehicles can dominate the game. There, a huge rocket launch pad, you can take a fast rope up to a high platform on the ramp tower. rocket launch. But to go higher you have to use your grapple, if you have one in your kit. You can also parachute to the top of the rocket tower. And there are tours with ziplines where you can zip and shoot at the same time.

The nearby building complexes house cryogenic tanks for fuel. There are other places on the maps such as the assembly building and a huge Crawlerway. Buildings can take a lot of damage, especially attacks from helicopter gunships from above or main tank gunshots.

The rocket can start a launch sequence that begins with refueling. During this six-minute period, the rocket is susceptible to damage. After that the launch will start and it will take off. If you do enough damage, it will explode and take out anything nearby.

Practice with Conquest mode

Above: A tornado passes through it.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

It’s all-out war mode with over 128 players on the map at the same time on PC (or 64 players on PS4 or Xbox One). Everyone has to fight for the control of objective points, called sectors.

I played on PC through Origin with a few veteran streamers who were good enough to get me excited about the gameplay. This is because they were always screaming and screaming whenever something happened.

The map was so big we had to travel long distances to get to the action. But at any point, you could be thrown into chaos when another squad or a sniper ambushes. If you are killed, you can rejoin the action after a short delay by spawning on your teammates. If they are in combat, you cannot spawn on them. In this case, you may appear in key locations that you control on the map.

Above: The Xbox One view of the Battlefield 2042 orbital map.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

I was in a tank for a while and had to hide from a helicopter, so I drove through a tunnel. I jumped up to take a look outside and was quickly killed by a soldier on the ground. My partners often led the way and we discussed where we were going to spawn. As an organized group, we fared much better in terms of survival on the battlefield. Normally, when you’re a cog in the wheel of a 64v64 multiplayer battle, it’s tough to stay alive.

Since this is a battlefield game, you can jump into quads, humvees, tanks, gunships, transport helicopters, and jets. You can also deploy drones or robot attack dogs with very threatening weapons.

There are four specialists to choose from: Casper the Reconnaissance Soldier, whose specialty includes a Reconnaissance Drone and Motion Sensor. There’s Mackay, an assault trooper with a grappling gun and an agile ability that allows him to move while aiming. Falck is a support soldier with a Syrette S21 pistol and medical proficiency. Then there is Boris the engineer with a Machine Gun.

The first time I logged in as an assault trooper, I didn’t have a gun in my hand. I reconnected and suddenly had a gun. The assault rifle was nice, but for some reason the sniper rifle didn’t even have a scope. I was shooting people looking down at iron sights. It was silly, and I’m sure they’ll fix that later. Others clearly understood how to shoot with riflescopes, as I often get shot from a distance. But I didn’t have time to understand. So I went back to the trusty assault rifle, which came with a grappling hook.

As we played the weather started to change. It started out sunny. Then the rain started to fall and we noticed how realistic it looked. Then the rain came in from the side as the wind started to blow. It took a while but we finally noticed the tornado in the distance. It was dynamic, picking up anything in its path and throwing it in the air. We jumped out of a building and screamed while flying into it. It really changed the battlefield and turned us all away from shooting at the enemy.


As you can see from the boos in the video, along with my partners who were Twitch streamers, I had more fun in the Battlefield 2042 beta than in the Call of Duty: Vanguard beta. But we’ll see how these games come out after you cross the finish line and finally arrive. Call of Duty first releases on November 5, while Battlefield 2042 arrives two weeks later. It’s going to be an interesting fight ahead as the two editors vie for our attention. May the best win.


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