Cable reveals which MCU Guardian of the Galaxy is a future legend



Between X-Men and X-Force, the time traveling cable is one of Marvel’s best mutant leaders, but a Guardian of the Galaxy just left him stunned.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Cable Reloaded # 1, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Cable has always been somewhat confrontational with the heroes of the modern age. Growing up in a dark and desolate future, Cable is generally unimpressed with modern day heroism, with a few very specific exceptions. In fact, his recent resurrection after his death (and his replacement) allows Cable to reveal that there is a non-human space hero for whom he has always had a deep affection and respect.

In Charged cable # 1 (by Al Ewing, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia and Joe Sabino of VC), Nathan Summers is recruited to help fight in The Last Annihilation, and has revealed his deep respect and admiration for Rocket Raccoon of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Following the events of Cable # 12, the young incarnation of the time-displaced mutant hero has returned to her rightful place in the time flow. In his place, Krakoa has been reunited with the former incarnation of the character, who quickly joins SWORD as chief of security. This means he has also returned just in time to participate in the events of The Last Annihilation, an attack by Dormammu on the rest of the universe that threatens to wipe out all existence. Under the command of Abigail Brand, Cable learns that he has been assigned to a plan devised by her and Rocket Raccoon to steal powerful weapons from Breakworld that could make their mission to bring down Dormammu much more likely to be successful.

Cable realizes that only a tactical genius can earn Brand’s respect and discovers that the genius in question is Rocket Raccoon. Used to receiving strange looks from humans, Rocket tries to forestall the jokes he expects to come from Earthlings. Instead, he is caught off guard when Cable stands up and greets him, telling Rocket that it will be an honor to fight alongside him. Ultimately, Cable – and the rest of humanity from the future he grew up in – see Rocket as a folk hero. His actions during the final annihilation seemingly make Rocket a universal legend, and Cable’s enthusiasm for working with him is infectious.

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Brand and Rocket reveal that since no ship can come near Dormammu in his current form of Ego the Living Planet possession, they will cheat by procuring a series of powerful weapons. All the while, Cable thinks about how excited he is to witness this moment in galactic history, and how excited he is to be working with Rocket. It’s a fun revelation and one that fits perfectly with Cable’s established history and personality. Cable has always been a delicate leader, a tactician and a soldier above all else. This makes him an ideal ally for Rocket, given their similar approaches to combat.

The couple also both have a deep appreciation for giant guns. They are both also a bit aggressive towards their teammates and quickly decide that explosives are the best way to go when dealing with problems. It’s always fun and interesting to find out what the heroes actually take inspiration from each other – from Punisher’s surprisingly reverent opinions on Captain America to how the rest of the hero community will fight tooth and nail to help the Thing. in the event of a crisis. Cable having such respect for Rocket is a great addition to the character, and perfectly suited as well.

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