Calls for comments on Alachua County Public Schools, UF Track Team, etc.

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• The Public School Accountability Report indicates that the Alachua County School District received a “B” grade with 58% of the total possible points. Nowhere in my life has 58% been anything but a solid “F”. If Florida State calls 58% a “B” rating, no wonder our schools are failing! Start at the top!

• This is addressed to the Alachua County School Board, Board Members, Finance Department and Union. The governor has money set aside for the teachers, so upgrade the teachers and then negotiate for the rest. It’s not rocket science! And, they should have it on their first paychecks. It’s not money for everyone! … You don’t need to negotiate something the governor said just for teachers.

• Hooray for the University of Florida track team, and congratulations to The Sun for giving them the credit they so deserve – above the fold, no less! Impressive! Great team, great media!

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• We went to see “Monty Python’s Spamalot” on Thursday night. It was fantastic, phenomenal, unbelievable – a real tour de force. We wondered how the many actors kept track of their costume changes, their songs, their dances, their lyrics. A wonderful production at the Gainesville Community Playhouse.

• I guess I have to go back to school. I found out last week that our government gives me the definition I was given of a recession – two quarters of negative growth is a recession – anyway they tell me I’m wrong and they say that most economists don’t agree with that. I wish they had told my teachers at the University of Florida, as well as my teachers at high school where I studied economics, where that’s what we learned.

• Some Sound Off callers should inquire about the fact that Joe Biden has little to do with inflation, which is global, or the price of gas.

• I just wonder why we send oil to China — at a good price — when we don’t have enough here. Our prices are going up, and China is our enemy, I think almost everyone knows that, and I just wonder why we send them oil when we need it here

• Exxon Mobile makes huge profits on record gas prices: $2,245.62 per second. Additionally, Chevron earned $11.4 billion excluding special items, up 74% from the first quarter and 247% from a year ago. Is it correct? Do I really understand why our gasoline prices are so high? And the gas companies are making so, so, so exaggerated profits. Why do they have to charge so much?

• Senate Republicans have voted against a bill to fund medical care for veterans who have suffered toxic exposure to chemicals while serving in our country. So the bill failed. Need I say more?

• My opinion is that we are citizens of Gainesville, we are Americans, that we should not label ourselves as members of any political party or belief, but we should act and speak out as responsible, involved citizens , voting and thinking.

• I’m not a big Bible buff, but I believe in God and I believe that God is trying to send us a message that we need to take care of the planet he has given us to live, enjoy and pass on to our children. So, I think everyone should do their part to take care of what you received as a free gift.

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