CoD Mobile to take over CDL in 2022 is not really a crazy idea


Call of Duty: Vanguard is not in a position to be listed as a competitive title for this year’s Call of Duty League season. With plenty of groundbreaking bugs, a bewildering lack of a third game mode, and blatant neglect of the competitive scene, it’s only fitting that CoD Mobile take the reins in 2022.

There is no sugar coating. CoD Vanguard has been an embarrassment to the community in every sense of the word. A never-ending stream of issues that have ruined the game since launch, combined with the broken promise of the classified game, all serve to showcase an unfinished product.

So why should we have to endure a full year of this, just waiting for the game to improve? Just because it’s tradition? Going through the next eight months or so with Vanguard in the limelight doesn’t seem like a fun time and could end up doing more harm than good to the CoD scene.

From the best pros to the casual player base, most have already gone through the “honeymoon” phase. Very few seem to actually enjoy playing this opus and well, the least said about troubled audience the best.

To save this year’s competitive season, the answer is right in front of us. It’s time for CoD Mobile to get the respect it deserves and become the only title before the next CDL season.

CoD Mobile is a functional game ready for competition


CoD Mobile has quietly become the best CoD title in years.

Right now, CoD Mobile is the most stable and content-rich title the franchise has seen since the inception of the CDL. This was made possible because the developers of CoD Mobile have a luxury that no other studio working on the series can afford. Their tireless effort is not renewed every 12 months for the next rushed project.

When the portable port launched in 2019, was it instantly a success? Not enough. But over the past couple of years, the development team has been able to take their time tweaking every aspect of the experience to make it happen.

From weapon balancing to fine-tuning competitive game modes, CoD Mobile has only gotten better and better day by day. Meanwhile, the last major CoD titles have been marred by abysmal launches, updated over the next year, only to be dumped in their finest state when the next game launches.

Vanguard Bocage CoD Card

We could have a year with CoD’s all-time great maps in our sights. Instead, we have Bocage.

Giving credit where it belongs, CoD Vanguard launched with a massive 16 total multiplayer maps. The only downside is that a large majority of these cards are not suitable for professional gaming.

The same can be said when it comes to weapons, attachments, perks, gear, and field upgrades. The GA lists this year are more extensive than ever.

In contrast, CoD Mobile offers a satisfying mixed bag filled with the best content from previous years. Classic competition maps and fan favorite weapons are all accessible as the game almost looks like ‘CoD’s greatest successes.

Rather than battling Vanguard’s limitations and setbacks, there’s no better game to feature as this year’s competitive title than CoD Mobile.

The most accessible CoD title on the market today

Aside from the gameplay itself, the biggest advantage of CoD Mobile over CoD Vanguard is accessibility. Anyone with a phone or tablet can pick up and play the portable title without having to spend a dime.

Without a price tag, there is no barrier to entry. This sets the stage for an ever-growing fan base and best of all, this fan base has good reason to stay.

Unlike its console and PC counterparts, CoD Mobile values ​​the competition. A full-fledged leaderboard system with exclusive rewards and great incentives is there when you start the game.

It’s not awkwardly tucked away in the menus, it’s not a different version of the game that the pros play. It’s not rocket science, it’s just competitive CoD.

CoD Mobile ranked

CoD Mobile’s ranking system is far superior to any form of “League Play” that we have seen in recent years.

This ranking system also integrates directly into the larger esports scene, helping gamers move from casual online gamers to aspiring pros if they so choose. Biggest competitions, including last year’s $ 2 Million World Championship, often start as a ranked game, allowing everyone to stand out, join a team and succeed.

Comparatively, regular CoD couldn’t be more restrictive and confusing if he tried. You are not part of a CDL range? Wondering how to get to the top? Bad luck for you because there is no effective way.

If you’re not already looping, there is no direction in the game to help you. The only way to start your competitive journey is to jump on social media, manually find where tournaments are hosted and sign up a team … all to compete in weekend slices that get absolutely nowhere. .

Challengers, the League’s secondary circuit, was ignored from day one. No academy squad, an alarming lack of reputable organizations in the mix, a lackluster structure with minimal jackpots, and an inexcusable lack of promotion have all led to an unhealthy amateur scene on the verge of collapse.

In fact, the former challengers chief even described it as a “low to no priority” business for Activision after to abandon the project.

Without a clear vision and reluctance to do better, there has never been a better time for a collective exchange. Along with CDL, the Challengers are also expected to move to CoD Mobile and reap the benefits of a thriving competitive ecosystem.

Developers who care more than profit margins

CoD Mobile Game

The number of CoD Mobile players is only growing thanks to regular updates and support from the community.

Over the past few years, competition has been an afterthought at best for core CoD developers. Burst spawns persisted throughout the year in Modern Warfare. Goofy card designs were replaced with classic remakes during the Cold War season. Now with Vanguard, Krampus has arrived in the custom halls like the sore cherry on top.

We cannot get high demand features like Trophy Systems due to a lack of realism while glowing pistols with skulls on them feature in the store. We have ridiculously bad CDL skins that no one asked while other games shine with their awesome esports cosmetics.

It only scratches the surface of what the competitive scene has to endure. Asking for change and being loud on social media is like screaming into a pillow. We’ve been working on it for years in hopes of making even the simplest improvements, but nothing ever changes.

On the other side of the coin, the developers of CoD Mobile are constantly in tune with the community. Whether it’s extremely detailed blog posts every week, frequent replies to players on Reddit and Twitter, or quick Balance updates to resolve new issues before they get out of hand, it t is night and day for teams working on Vanguard.

This does not mean that they are a flawless company incapable of doing wrong. They certainly made a lot of mistakes too. But active communication gives them a head start over every other CoD studio today.

If something is wrong, they will be among the first to fix it. You don’t have weeks of radio silence, because revolutionary flaws are catching on.

There is a real feeling that those who work on the game really care. They want the players to enjoy their time and at this point they want to see the community flourish as much as anyone.

Vanguard of Festive Fervor Warzone

On its own, Krampus shows just how disconnected today’s CoD developers are from the community.

A clear example of this came at the end of 2021 with CoD Mobile Season 11 Update. For the first time in franchise history, popular community figures now have their clean skins on the way. Custom packs designed around three of the biggest content creators will be available to fans soon.

In just a few months on the market, CoD Mobile has been doing something gamers have wanted to see for years. Regular entries have the chance to get generic sticker packs to support the biggest names in the community, not to mention full-fledged skins.

It’s a different level of support and something we might never see in an AAA CoD game.

CoD Mobile is everything Main CoD should aspire to be. Having a singular and accessible title with an emphasis on competitive play is the next step Activision must take if our competitive scene is to survive a few more years.

But there is no good reason to wait for that potential day to come. Instead, now is the time to make the trade and not look back. Wear CoD Mobile to PC with proper controller support, let it take the reins and lead the community through 2022, and watch CoD esports bounce back from what is arguably its lowest point.


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