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We all know Superman is the linchpin of the DC Universe. He arrives, rescued from his own doomed planet by determined parents, and his very existence seems to trigger a complete reorganization of the world, ushering in an era of superpowers, magic, and planet-threatening enemies. But what if this Krypton spacecraft had arrived a few centuries earlier and the DC Universe was organized around this reality?

This is the question that writer Tom Taylor and artist Yasmine Putri decided to answer with Dark Knights of Steel, an exciting blend of the power of DC Comics superheroes and the intrigue of the Palace of Game Of Thrones.

“Fantasy is my thing, so fantasy and superheroes are my two biggest loves,” Taylor told SYFY WIRE. “The idea of ​​being able to mix these two together was so exciting to me. So yeah, it started with DC Universe in a fantastic setting. So creating a new DC Universe was the starting point. Then the ideas. started to sink. “

For Taylor, who wrote both Deceased and Injustice at DC Comics, alternate universe stories aren’t new, but the allure of Dark Knights of Steel represented a whole new way to twist his beloved superheroes. While it begins as the normal DC Universe does, with the arrival of young Kal-El on a rocket, many other elements of the Dark Knights of Steel The universe will show readers familiar characters interpreted in very different ways. In the years since Kal-El’s arrival, we see what happens when rival realms decide to use magic against the Kryptonian superhuman, Batman’s efforts to put an end to it, and new interpretations of everyone from John Constantine to Harley Quinn to Green Arrow, all wrapped up in one fantastic tale.

“We started with some pretty fantasy-centric designs,” Putri said of his art process. “We gave the central characters some really traditional high fantasy looks, like almost unrecognizable. So we played around with those design elements, like very intricate details and intricate costumes and the like, but as we go. -and-com was progressing, we decided that the story at that time, we needed a more grounded look, a more grounded approach that was immediately recognizable to readers. So we would go for a more historical aspect, if that makes sense, just traditional armor without all the frills and crazy tricks you might find in a traditional fantasy story. So it’s a more traditional look because the story required a grounded approach, and the characters had to be. instantly recognizable because we already put them in an unrecognizable place for readers. “

In the exclusive lettered pages below, you’ll see what Putri means in a sequence in which Batman and his Robins set out to take down a magical user by the name of Dinah.

Although Batman is a central figure in the first issue of the series and the book itself is called Dark Knights of SteelTaylor also made it clear that readers should expect to see a much larger alternate universe, including the arrival of other realms filled with key figures.

“This is the complete DC Universe,” Taylor said. “The Batman story is really a part of it because of how it’s twisted in a way we’ve never seen before, because it’s origin is so different. I don’t want to spoil something. , but you’ll see that’s not how a lot of people think like Batman. Obviously he’s a witcher in this first issue. His job is to root out the magic, keep the magic from touching Superman, because that’s the only thing that can reach him. So he takes this job very seriously and magic, for him, it’s anyone with powers. So that’s a very different thing. is a Batman story, a Superman story, a Wonder Woman story, a Black Lightning story, a John Constantine story, a Lois Lane story, a Harley Quinn’s story. We continue to develop as we go. and to measure. “

Dark Knights of Steel will end up running for 12 issues, and because this is a rather ambitious reinvention of everything DC Comics has to offer, Taylor and Putri are playing things pretty close to the vest with spoilers, so much so that there has story elements in the very first pages that they are keeping a secret until the moment readers get their hands on the first issue. When asked what readers can expect as the series progressed, Taylor promised plenty of exciting twists, not only with characters we know, but with characters we don’t. ‘ve not even met yet.

“Definitely the twist with Batman, what’s going to happen for Green Arrow and Black Canary, what you’re going to learn about Wonder Woman and a new character we’ve never seen before,” Taylor said when asked about this. that he was most excited for readers to find out. “I’m really excited that people meet this character in number two, not to say too much. Plus, just the politics between the Tri-Realms and the Allies and who’s against whom and the Chaos characters, like the man. Green. Just this whole book turns me on, I have to say. This book gives me so much joy as a fanboy that I can say, “I mix my favorite superheroes with fantasy.” It’s ridiculous. “

Dark Knights of Steel # 1 is in store Tuesday.

For covers and even more preview art, check out the gallery below.


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