Deathloop Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks



Our Death loop beginner’s guide brings together our top tips for you on the early days in the stealth and shooty murder mystery of Arkane Studios. Below we’ll explain the time loop, show you how to save your favorite items, present our best arguments against our lying brain, explain why stealth is the best option (until it isn’t), why your left hand is so important, and more.

Learn the loop

Death loopIt’s first 90 minutes or contains a series of cleverly disguised tutorials that introduce Blackreef’s weird rules. As useful as they may be, it still took us a while to figure out the time loop. And since your success depends on understanding and manipulating these rules, here’s how the time loop works, written:

  1. A day on Blackreef has four periods (morning, noon, afternoon and evening) and four regions (The Complex, Karl’s Bay, Updaam and Fristad Rock).
  2. From your bunker, you choose a time and place to explore. Time does not pass as you explore.
  3. When you return to your bunker, time flies and you can infuse items (after completing the visionary track “Ubiquity”).
  4. If you die (three times) before returning to the bunker, you lose everything you haven’t infused and return to the morning.
  5. The Colt Bunker is the only way to travel between areas and times of the day.
  6. At the end of the day. You will have one last chance to brew whatever you have residue for, the day resets and you will indeed die.

With four periods and four locations, you actually have a choice of 16 destinations. Learning to navigate them will save you a lot of headaches and confusion.

Infuse to save your favorites

Almost the whole world is resetting each day by Death loop. Brewing is a way to add permanence to the things you love, so that they survive the reset.

What you brew often depends on how you play. If you like to shoot more than stab, then stealth items won’t be worth preserving. Follow your instincts. There are no wrong answers. You should infuse several things as soon as you can, including slabs (granting magical power), which in any other game can be permanent but are as fleeting as a rainbow. Death loop.

Brew, or you’ll be sad. We know from experience.

Know your visionary prospects and Arsenal

There are two main sets of quests or missions in Death Loop:

  • Arsenal leads take Cole to people and places that enhance his arsenal (wait for it). Follow them for more weapons, more powerful weapons and slabs.
  • Visionary leaders take Cole on the critical path – the steps necessary to defeat the visionaries and break the loop.

It’s not rocket science, but the sooner you internalize the difference, the smarter you will be in your priorities.

Slow down or die

If you’re like us, your brain is a liar. He’ll tell you, even if you know better, that you’ve got this. That the best course of action is to run at full speed to your next destination. Of course, you don’t know exactly what to expect, but enemies aren’t that bad, are they? And all you have to do is go to the bunker. You have been playing video games for years. This isn’t your first first person shooter. You got this.

Don’t believe your own hype. To slow down. Take your time. Better to come home safely and slowly than to go through your entire run again after unwittingly giving your last life to a misplaced sense of urgency.

Stealth first, shoot second

Very dangerous fight in Death loop, especially at the beginning, when it feels like three hits are going to knock you down, like Call of Duty. We took a lesson from this in our early hours: start with stealth and get back to shooting. if when things go wrong.

Playing stealthily is more about staying alive than an ethic. Crouch down, sneak up, tag your enemies, and shoot them down before they even know you were there. When that fails, unload. Play like this and you get the best of both worlds.

Listening before the fight

Death loop is some kind of violent detective simulator – or at least that’s how we came to think. As Cole, you unravel mysteries. Listening to the eternalists who inhabit Blackreef is a fantastic way to advance the plot.

It will go like this, pretty much every time:

  1. You walk into an area and see some eternalists.
  2. You crouch down and listen. (Turn on closed captions to hear what they’re saying from a distance.)
  3. They are talking about something that almost certainly contains a clue.
  4. They end the conversation and start walking along the preset patrol paths.
  5. You take them apart one by one.

So you get two advantages when you listen: valuable information and a tactical advantage. Don’t go out like Rambo. Wait for the conversation to unfold before taking action.

Explore everywhere and read everything

Similar to eavesdropping, there are notes and cassettes everywhere. Some of them are fair for the color, but a lot of them contain clues either directly to a lead or to a new approach to ending a lead. You’ll find things like door codes or timetables in notes, or hints on where to pick up fancy weapons.

Take every note and you’ll keep your options open.

Be aware of what’s in your left hand

In Death loop, your right hand still has a weapon inside – and your controller’s right trigger pulls that weapon. Your left hand, however, has a lot more to do.

The trigger on your left hand and your left controller is for slab powers, aiming, turret hacking, grenade throwing, dual wielding weapons, and corner observation. It all depends on what you have equipped at the moment (controlled by the D-pad).

When you have a lot of options and quickly switch between them, it’s very, very, extremely easy to forget what’s equipped. If you’re not careful, instead of hacking a turret, you teleport right in front. Or you’ll shoot a gun at a wall (and alert nearby enemies) instead of peeking around the corner.

Keep an eye on what you have in your left hand and avoid this mistake.

Julianna can invade anytime and ruin your best plans

We can’t say it’s intentional or even intentional, but it does feel like Julianna is invading just when you need to be quietest.

You need to be adaptable (see our stealth tips first, then shoot above). You can spend all of your time in the world sneaking around and stealthily taking down the Eternalists, only to be thwarted at the last minute when Juliana shows up with guns on fire.

There is nothing to do except fight it. The most of Death loopEnemies have a short attention span and poor hearing. Deal with Julianna, then find a new way to continue.

Replay levels for loot

Experiment, have fun and be creative. We have walkthroughs that get you (for the most part) safely to specific targets. These are a route through the levels, but they are by no means the only path.

Exploring and poking around will often reveal new and unexpected options. You won’t always (or even often) have all the knowledge you need to use them.


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