Destiny 2’s Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will return as an exotic quest



The new Loot Cave dungeon will likely still be part of the quest, but Gjallarhorn won’t be rewarded just for completing the dungeon.

Gjallarhorn - via Bungie

New details have emerged for Guardians eager to get their hands on the reborn Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher during Bungie’s 30th anniversary event. Gjallarhorn will be part of an Exotic Weapon Quest and will not only be awarded as a reward for completing the new Loot Cave dungeon.

Gjallarhorn was teased at the Witch Queen reveal event last month as one of the rewards for getting the 30th Anniversary Event DLC, a mini-expansion coming in December. Along with cosmetic items such as themed armor ornaments from previous Bungie games, Gjallarhorn provides a huge incentive for Guardians to participate in the 30th anniversary event and fork out for the cost of another season.

And that’s a pretty big draw. Gjallarhorn was about as close as the Destiny franchise ever felt like it should have been in Borderlands. It fired a rocket that split into several upcoming fragmentation rockets that would annihilate any enemy caught in the blast. It was widely considered to be Destiny 1’s most powerful weapon, and fans are looking for it to retain its title in Destiny 2.

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During the presentation of Bungie’s Witch Queen, Gjallarhorn was revealed as part of the new pirate-themed dungeon, but did not say if it was awarded just for completing the dungeon. Now we know that Gjallarhorn will only come to those who complete his exotic quest.

Reddit user bushVSbush found a banner ad and posted it on Imgur, revealing that Gjallarhorn will have his own associated quest. It seems almost certain that the new dungeon will play a role in this quest, but the details remain a mystery for now.

Gajallarhorn announcement - via Imgur

via Imgur

In a recent interview with Polygon, Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn has confirmed that Gjallarhorn may not be as strong as some veterans remember, but that he will still be powerful enough to convince New Light players to do the dungeon as soon as possible to get one.

“Even if it’s not ‘Hyper S-tier, good for everything’, Gjallarhorn gives us an opportunity to add that when you insert someone new into Destiny, you are like ‘OK, what we First, we’re going to get you out of New Light, and we’re going to run this dungeon and get you Gjallarhorn.

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