Elden Ring players buy millions of runes on eBay

You probably shouldn’t try to buy or sell Elden Ring runes on Ebay, but in case you’re wondering, that’s a thing now. A quick search of Ebay reveals dozens of listings offering millions of runes for prices ranging from $10 to $25, with some listings advertising hundreds of millions of runes for several hundred dollars. So far it looks like a few hundred listings have sold.

Since there is no way to directly send runes (the currency players use to level up) from one account to another in Elden Ring, these gray market offers operate as an exchange of classic MMO items. The seller sets a time and place, summons the buyer to their world as a cooperative partner, lays the agreed number of runes on the ground for the buyer to pick up, and the two part.

At least, that’s how it should be. While some of these sales appear to be going according to plan (Ed Nightingale of Eurogamer bought runes himself so we don’t have to), the whole thing is probably a bad idea.

elden ring ebay runes

(Image credit: Ebay)

On the one hand, you could be wasting your time with a scam, but it’s also worth noting that (per IGN) buying or selling items with real money violates the Elden Ring Terms of Service. . Players who participate in these illicit exchanges expose themselves to FromSoftware wiping their rune wallet remotely, suspending their account or even getting banned.

Then there’s the fact that the method these Ebay sellers use to hoard piles of runes isn’t rocket science. They seem to be exploiting an item duplication bug involving co-op that’s been around since Dark Souls 3. If you’re determined to get your strength up to 99, there are smarter ways than sending $15 for a hike on Ebay . (and if you’re playing on PC, Elden Ring cheats already exist for free, as long as you stay offline).

Even if I wanted to buy used runes, I think a million would be way too much. It would be nice to bump my Dexterity stat a few notches so I can finally use some of my coolest weapons, but I get a lot of runes just from playing the game.

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