End-to-end satellite and space logistics services suite launched from Theorem Orbital



Theorem, LLC, threw Orbital theorem, a new division focused on end-to-end space logistics and Global 2000 clearance.

While recent space-related startups have primarily focused on providing launch capabilities, other aspects of the space industry are experiencing significant growth and revolutionary opportunities have become within the grasp of those who have achieved success. minimal investments to date. These include tailor-made satellite programs focused on activities such as Earth Observation (EO), remote sensing, and satellite communications and connectivity.

Theorem Orbital will leverage its direct relationships with space launch providers, prime contractors and suppliers, universities and NGOs, enabling a wide range of services tailored to clients expanding their existing footprint, or building a space strategy to start from nothing. Theorem Orbital’s preferred providers for launch services and spatial data today include Rocket lab, Virgin orbit, Firefly Aerospace, and Satellogic.

Today, only 100 of the Global 2000s have active space programs, but that number will increase tenfold over the next decade,” noted Brady Brim-DeForest, CEO of Theorem. “The space industry can seem daunting and difficult to navigate – we’re here to help make navigation easy and seamlesst.

Our partnership with Theorem will help to continue our mission of democratizing access to Earth observation data.,” noted Thomas Van Matre, Vice President of Global Business Development for Satellogic. “The combination of Theorem’s world-class software innovation and engineering capabilities and Satellogic’s unit cost advantage will open up a multitude of use cases for the commercial market.. “

As part of its commitment to open access to space as a strategic resource for corporate, mid-sized and academic markets, Theorem is also announcing a strategic investment in bluShift Aerospace, a manufacturer of Starless thief Launch platform designed to allow a low barrier to entry for a diverse collection of payloads in the suborbital space ecosystem.

BluShift’s approach to developing cost-effective and sustainable next-generation rocket technology will open space to new markets,” noted Sascha Deri, CEO of bluShift Aerospace. “We believe that our mission and philosophy is well aligned with Theorem Orbital’s commitment to lowering the barrier to entry for companies that are starting to leverage space infrastructure in their medium and long term strategic plans. We are delighted to welcome them as an investor and excited to collaborate in uncovering opportunities to accelerate the adoption of bluShift’s capabilities in the enterprise market.. “

At launch, Theorem Orbital’s initial range of services will include…

  • Satellite data and connectivity strategy and planning
    Strategy services designed to enable clients to leverage the data and connectivity generated by existing satellite infrastructure, as well as the planning of proprietary constellations.
  • Advanced data analysis
    Real-time satellite imagery and remote communication networks are changing the way the construction, agriculture, real estate, retail, travel and mining industries manage their day-to-day operations, quarterly planning, risk management, insurance trading and other key drivers of their results. Data providers like Satellogic are opening up new use cases every day – Theorem Orbital can help customers get the most out of this rapidly evolving field.
  • Software platform development
    Theorem Orbital designs and builds advanced proprietary software platforms that bring together advanced spatial data sources with existing internal business data and systems.
  • Hardware development
    Theorem Orbital can help customers use Satellogic’s unique hosted payload program to rapidly prototype and pilot off-the-shelf proprietary and commercial sensors to meet customer requirements.
  • Internet in space
    Theorem Orbital can help customers establish their own IoT communication network in space, including the design and launch of bespoke constellations through preferred launch providers.
  • Launch
    Theorem Orbital partners with preferred vendors including Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, and more to enable the launch of custom payloads in LEO and NEO.

The cost of setting up satellites in space has been drastically reduced thanks to innovations from launch vendors such as SpaceX, Rocket Lab, and others.,” noted Nicolas spurlock, director of corporate strategy at Theorem. “Now is the time for large companies to invest in building their own space infrastructure and gain an edge in the new era of space 2.0. ”


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