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The Slippery Rock Student Government (SRSGA) addressed the student body’s continuing concern about the quality of food on campus during its formal meeting on Monday.

“Patience is the word I will use,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Grant Warmbein during his committee report. “Please be patient.”

He also said that with himself and College of Education Senator Gabe Stiles were meeting with Aramark’s new general manager, SRU’s new food vendor, to directly discuss the issues reported to them.

Jerome Drew, a freshman computer science student and candidate for president of the E Building house council, spoke at the open forum about his experience with the new food service. He said that at breakfast on September 26 at around 9:15 a.m., there was a bee, along with fruit flies, in the donut crate in the Boozel dining room.

“While I understand that we have to be patient with the food that is served at Boozel, I don’t think it’s time for a lack of food security,” Drew said. “I think this needs to be fixed immediately. “

Warmbein quickly emailed Christopher Cole, SRU’s director of ancillary operations and student services, who he had previously been in contact with on issues like this in order to keep track of these cases.

Drew also spoke of the ongoing struggle with parking between suburban students and residents. Living in Building E, he mentioned that he had previously had to park in the East Lake parking lot and walk from there to his dorm because of commuters filling all the spaces closest to the residences.

“There would be a lot of commuter parking in East Lake if we were to move the residential parking lot to where the commuter parking is currently at the bottom of the buildings,” said Drew.

SRSGA Councilor Wendy Leitera praised Drew for being the first to present the parking problem along with a solution on how to fix it.

The newly elected senators were then sworn in by President Mia Graziani. Madison Fitzgerald, senator from the dormitory; Jenessa Hayward, first-year senator; and Carly Roberts and Emma Kennedy, usually senators, have all taken the oath and taken their places in the Senate.

The meeting went smoothly in the new matter of the vote on requests for initiative.
The sports department applied for $ 13,740, which was accepted, to be used on a new washing machine for teams and sports clubs, which had previously had to outsource their laundry.

The gymnastics club also requested $ 30 for the rental of facilities, which was accepted. The previous expense was approved by the Senate for the rental of a facility, but the amount needed to pay the seller was insufficient.

The motion that most concerned the Senate was a request for $ 2,133.39 from the men’s rugby club team. Approximately $ 1,500 would be used to cover the cost of EMS services for their games to ensure player safety and approximately $ 600 for the purchase of new equipment.

The club had previously been the subject of a hazing investigation in fall 2018 and 2019, which was brought up during debate and discussion by Warmbein.

Warmbein’s concern was with those involved in the conduct investigation who are still associated with the team. He asked if the team would receive the money, would the club still be an organization after the investigation was concluded and would SRSGA ultimately lose all that money.

The men’s rugby investigation was closed two years ago by the university in April 2019. According to the hazing report available on SRU’s website, Student Conduct “has not determined any evidence at the support for these hazing allegations “.

Vice President of Finance Sydney Rezzetano responded that the finance committee was primarily concerned with whether or not the team had raised funds on their own, apart from simply asking SRSGA for that amount. According to Rezzetano, the team was recognized as number one during SRU Giving Day, an annual fundraiser whose mission is to support SRU students.

“We felt they deserved,” Rezzetano said of the team’s request.

The motion was passed, with abstention from Warmbein, Senator At-Large Izzy Caruso, and College of the Liberal Arts Senator Makenzie Shiller. Vice President of Outreach Aiden Donnelly, Senator Stiles and Vice President of Internal Affairs Liz Hood objected.

College of Education Senator Rebekah Froehlich has been named the new Rules and Policy Co-Chair. She will work alongside parliamentarian Nicolas Codon. Condon is not a voting member of the SGA, so he said it was only fitting that someone else who was a voting member was the one delivering the committee reports.

The SRSGA has also decided to recognize “Magic the Gathering at the Rock” as a student organization. The club is centered around the collectible card game, Magic the Gathering. He also recognized club softball at SRU as a student organization.

The SRSGA will hold its next formal meeting in the Smith Student Center theater on October 18 at 5:00 p.m.

Emma Velesig

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