Guardians Of The Galaxy: Every Member’s Worst Decision

The ragtag individuals who make up the unlikely team of superheroes known as the guardians of the galaxy are a lovely but flawed bunch. Less serious and less well-oiled than Earth’s Avengers, Guardians are prone to more bickering and stupid mistakes.

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Having already appeared in four separate MCU films, the group has had ample opportunity to showcase some questionable decisions ranging from light theft to compromising the fate of the universe. The cast will most likely add to their plethora of questionable choices when they next appear on the big screen in Thor: Love and Thunder.

ten Thor – Don’t aim for Thanos’ head

The new honorary – and possibly soon official – member of the Guardians is none other than the God of Thunder himself, though some of his choices are far from divine. Striking for the heart would have made for a slower, more painful death for Thanos and a more satisfying outcome for Thor; however, the Asgardian really should have given more thought to the magical, glowing candy Thanos has before choosing. not aim for the head or the arm. Thor’s target choice leaves Thanos free to snap his fingers and achieve his goal of halving all life in the universe. Thor at least learns from his mistakes because five years later, he makes it his mission to behead Thanos with one blow.

9 2014-Gamora – Help Thanos in his genocides

Gamora jumped back in time from 2014 is moved back to 2023 during the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, this version of the character has a long way to go to become the heroic figure of herself in 2018, who died in Avengers: Infinity War. Though most likely driven by fear of defying her father, 2014-Gamora accompanies Thanos as he travels across the universe committing mass murders in the name of “balance,” and she certainly doesn’t lack for. victims under his name. Ultimately, this Gamora proves she was acting out of fear, not bloodlust, as she chooses to betray her father and attempt to foil his plan.


8 Nebula – Revealing that Gamora was dead

Nebula Karen Gillan

When Thanos appears on Titan with the Soul Stone, and without Gamora, Nebula takes little time to put two and two together. She takes even less time to announce her findings to everyone around her, prompting Quill to lash out in a fit of rage and jeopardize the team’s plan to stop Thanos from killing half of the ‘universe. As the most reluctant member of the Guardians team, perhaps Nebula didn’t care to know her teammates well enough to anticipate their reactions to her words. Still, while her actions are pretty on character, Nebula might have done well to take a moment to consider the impact of her words before speaking.

seven Mantis – Delay telling Drax the truth about the ego

Mantis talks to Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Had Mantis provided Drax with earlier warning of Ego’s true intentions to rule the universe, the Guardians could have avoided the potentially deadly escapade that cost Yondu his own. In fact, the team could have even left amicably, which would have allowed Star-Lord to keep his new celestial god powers.

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Mantis’ naivety might be what makes her reluctant to reveal the truth anytime soon, but even if she was afraid to spill the beans, she could have used her powers of empathy to fill Drax with a sense of dread that left her feeling dreaded. would urge to get the team off the planet as soon as possible.

6 Adult Groot – Jail Alarm Prematurely Triggered

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel

Groot is a relatively innocent creature who just seems to be in on the intergalactic ride as an accomplice to Rocket’s crimes. As such, this talking tree has few major harms to its credit. The worst act Groot can be charged with is compromising the Guardians’ prison escape. Rather than listen to the entire plan, Groot, in an effort to be helpful, prematurely removes a battery from the prison watchtower and inadvertently sets off a blaring alarm accompanied by armed drones and armed guards. Although this unwanted attention forces the group to improvise and nearly ruins the entire escape plan, Groot was ultimately acting with good intentions.

5 Baby Groot – Frees Nebula from her restraints

Galaxy Guardians 2 Sad Baby Groot

The adorable Baby Groot is still just a child, so he understandably makes a few weird choices, including distracting the other Guardians in the middle of an alien battle and seemingly gnawing on someone’s big toe. His worst decision? Freeing Nebula from her restraints after being guilty of doing so, allowing her to side with the Ravagers and have Groot and Rocket imprisoned. On a personal level, this decision leads to the humiliation of little Groot because he receives against his will the title of mascot of the Ravager. Since Baby Groot is manipulated into this course of action, he can avoid any serious blame here.

4 Drax – Reveal the location of the guardians to Ronan

Drax in battle in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Drax the Destroyer is a simple man – all he wants is to crack rude jokes and avenge his family. However, his mission to reach the latter compromises the safety of his teammates when he deliberately broadcasts their location in order to summon their enemy (and the person who killed Drax’s family) Ronan to the scene.

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With no plan of attack beyond colliding with Ronan face-to-face, Drax’s foolish decision ultimately sees repercussions in the form of Quill and Gamora nearly dying and being captured by a group of not-too-much Ravagers. friendly.

3 Rocket – Abandon Star-Lord

Rocket is a selfish, insecure, and sarcastic character with no shortage of questionable decisions, from stealing precious batteries from under the Sovereign’s nose to crash-landing due to a leadership struggle with Quill. However, his most unforgivable choice of action is his decision to let Star-Lord die on Ego’s planet in order to save the rest of the team. Having already lost Groot, Rocket is driven by his fear of being alone as he can’t stand losing another friend, but his decision to abandon Quill would most likely have torn the team apart had he succeeded. Although Quill manages to escape in one piece, it results in his father figure Yondu sacrificing himself to keep Quill safe – no thanks Rocket.

2 Gamora – Reveal the location of the Soul Stone

Zoe Saldana as Gamora in the MCU

Gamora’s worst decision is to tell her Mad Titan father, Thanos, of the Soul Stone’s location in Avengers: Infinity War. Not only does this nugget of information allow Thanos to gain more power through the near completion of the Infinity Gauntlet, and thus threaten the existence of the universe, but it also comes at a more personal cost for Gamora – his life. Admittedly, Gamora does not provide this information voluntarily; she only reveals the Stone’s location to keep Thanos from inflicting more pain on her sister Nebula, and so she can’t be completely blamed for her choice of action here.

1 Star-Lord – Snap Thanos out of his trance

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, the self-proclaimed leader of the Guardians can also be considered the self-proclaimed biggest fool for making the most disastrous decision on the team. The heroes’ plan to place Thanos in a trance and remove the Infinity Gauntlet is going wonderfully until Star-Lord begins to attack the Mad Titan, causing him to wake up and furiously retrieve the gauntlet he had. almost lost. In Quill’s defense, his fit of rage is understandable, having just learned that his partner Gamora is dead. But, his actions can only be excused so far, as his decision directly allows Thanos to flee and in turn snap his fingers dazzled and wipe out 50% of all life in the universe.

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