Guided rockets: PSU designed to work with pvt cos to obtain DRDO systems | Nagpur News


Nagpur: The new defense power supplies formed from the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) now depend on the private sector to complete the latest Pinaka guided rocket systems they are working on. The guided rocket has a range of over 70 km and is precise on target thanks to the guidance kit. It is carried out jointly by Yantra India Limited (Yantra) and Munitions India Limited (MIL). Based in Nagpur, Yantra supplies the material while the filling is to be carried out by MIL, which is headquartered in Pune.
The technology transfer (ToT) for the kit happened to Economic Explosives Limited (EEL) of Nagpur, a branch of Solar Group, and to Bharat Forge, of Imarat Research Center (RCI), one of DRDO’s laboratories. EEL is also working on the guided rocket project and is at an advanced stage.
Without the guidance kit technology, on which rocket performance relies, the PSUs had approached the two companies to complete the project.
As EEL also manufactures the Pinaka rockets, obtaining the kits is excluded. We learn that EEL has not agreed to comply with the conflict of interest clause either, due to its own Pinaka project.
The power supplies are now close to a deal with Bharat Forge, which owns the technology but does not develop the rocket. A source at Bharat Forge confirmed that the company will provide the kit. After that, it would be a joint effort and the company will ensure that the PSU remains price competitive.
EEL and Bharat Forge both have the Guidance Kit in sub-assembly condition. This means that companies will only integrate the subassemblies into a single component to be installed in the rocket. The same would be transmitted to the PSUs.
The ToT took place under the development and production partner mode, where the private entity also invests funds, a source said at one of the companies. Within the framework of this model, even private entities are mobilized for the development of products via ToTs.
However, this put the PSUs at a disadvantage. Normally, the ToTs from the DRDO labs went to the old munitions factories. In the new scenario, the TOT is with the private players, sources said. Even munitions factories had the know-how to make the system if the technology was available, a source said.
After many pushes, the power supplies will now receive the guide kits for the initial batch of rockets, which would be used for testing purposes. This happened after the case was escalated to higher levels. While another arrangement is expected to continue with the DRDO lab, the private sector path has also been kept open.
Pinaka is one of the crucial orders for the factories, which are currently making the Pinaka Mk1 variant. As there are plans to replace the Pinaka Mk1 with the advanced versions, even the power supplies will have to keep pace.


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