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Chuck Fields took this photo of a January 13 rocket launch in Florida.

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Editor’s note: The Daily Reporter will feature our “neighbours” every month, whether it’s someone with an interesting hobby or profession, or a non-profit group that does a difference in our community. Here, Greenfield resident Chuck Fields shares his podcast and the opportunity to witness a rocket launch at Kennedy Space Center on Jan. 13 that put 105 small satellites into orbit. Fields, a Cincinnati native, has lived in Greenfield for 10 years. If you know a person or group you would like to see featured in Neighbours, email [email protected]

Daily Reporter: Tell us about your podcast.

Chuck Fields: I created my “Your Space Journey” podcast a few years ago. It’s actually a spinoff of my “Online Coffee Break” podcast that I started in 2018. I had such a tremendous response to my space episodes that I created “Your Space Journey” to focus about the incredible current events in space exploration and the incredible people leading us. I’ve had the chance to cover multiple launches, some up close and some from afar, including interviews with current astronauts from SpaceX’s latest crewed missions. The podcast is available on all popular podcast apps; more information is available at YourSpaceJourney.com.

DR: How did you become interested in space exploration?

CF: My interest in astronomy and space exploration started at the age of 12 when I received my first telescope for Christmas (in 1979). It was actually quite a difficult time for my family. We lost my sister Traci (16) to leukemia on Christmas Eve. I turned to astronomy and space exploration to help me grieve, but I also developed a great passion for it, which I still have to this day.

DR: Why were you invited to attend the launch of SpaceX Transporter 3 on January 13?

CF: I applied to attend several weeks ago, using my podcast credentials. It certainly doesn’t guarantee an invite, but in this case, two days before launch, I found out that my invite had been accepted. I happened to be in Florida at the time, so I took a two-hour jaunt to Kennedy Space Center (and luckily was able to take the day off to attend!).

DR: How was the experience?

CF: I had the wonderful pleasure of watching this incredible launch from the US Space Force station about three miles from where SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was. This Transporter 3 mission carried 105 satellites and was the first launch from Cape Canaveral that landed the Booster ashore, in Landing Zone 1 just one mile from the launch pad.

It was the third time I had the chance to witness a make-up landing. Watching a rocket take off is almost indescribable, feeling the incredible sound rumble through your bones as you watch the rocket soar higher and higher. But then to see the booster come apart and watch it “fall in style,” as Buzz Lightyear would say, is just amazing. As if that weren’t enough, we were treated to a sonic boom as the booster approached the landing pad, slowing enough to break the sound barrier.

This booster – B1058, flew for the tenth time, the third such booster from SpaceX to do so. This was the second time I saw this booster fly. I last saw it for the Starlink L20 mission in March 2021. Historically, this booster is famous for first flying on SpaceX Demo2, the company’s first crewed mission, with Bob and Doug.

DR: What do you do with the photos and the experience?

I like to share the experience with others and, of course, I like to take good photos. It’s not easy to do! I had the chance to cover the launch of SpaceX Inspiration 4, the first all-civilian space mission last September. I had two remote cameras on the launchpad and neither got a decent photo. I’m also a part-time coding teacher, and for Inspiration 4 I was able to livestream the Kennedy Space Center launch to my class.

DR: What’s next for you and your podcast?

I’m lining up some new guests and subjects for Season 3 of “Your Space Journey,” and hope to be looking forward to covering a few more launches this year. I would really love to help spread the excitement with others and hopefully help encourage children and adults to believe that we have a bright future ahead of us. We just need to allow ourselves to dream, think positive, and enjoy the ride, even if it’s through a camera.

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