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Weird to think that we are now closer to 2023 than the start of 2022. Time is definitely flying!

So, as I do every year, I wanted to take a break midway through 2022 and provide a quick breakdown of the big TCPA stories from the year so far. Below is a list of the most READ stories on – that’s how you know it’s essential to keep them top of mind.

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But beyond the field guide, here are the TOP TEN TCPA’s biggest stories of the year so far. (Click on the underlined text to read the article):

10. Plaintiff’s Bar changed tactics to take advantage of Berman and attack lead generators. Quinn Street was the first target. They will not be the last.

9. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that using Active Prospect to track TCPA consent constitutes wiretapping. A California CIPA wiretap claim results in a minimum award of $2,500.00. So it’s a big deal for TCPAWorld, even if it’s absurd.

8. Speaking of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, it massively raised the bar for online consent and arbitration disclosures. The Berman case could end up being the biggest case of the year for people who rely on web form submissions as part of their business. It also raises the need for clear standards for online leads.

7. Among all the “hard” news from TCPA–the GREATEST legal announcement of all time: The creation of the Troutman law firm. What an amazing rocket ship this thing has been. As companies strive to move away from BigLaw and its unnecessary waste and expense, the Troutman company is currently absorbing a huge market share. It’s just amazing how much we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short time (and of course the The Baroness has a lot to do with it!) Simply incredible. (Still HiringBESIDES).

6. The FCC announces the potential for its BIGGEST FINE EVER hasnd it has everything to do with the TCPA. No further comment is necessary on this one.

5. Then there was that time when a magistrate judges at Massachusetts tried to invalidate 99% of online web forms with a very strange decision on the electronic signature law…

4. Now some GOOD news on this list – that SPECTACULAR victory against Nathan Barton. You know the one where he had to pay $40,000 in fees for apparently fabricating a lawsuit. (He offered a review on that one, BTW. More to come.)

3. Citibank faces absolutely overwhelming TCPA exposure (over $1 billion it seems) related to calls from wrong numbers on its credit card business line. The Court has certified the case and it will either lead to a massive settlement or the biggest TCPA lawsuit ever. More soon.

2. Some how Sean Kay waltz here and write what has already become the second most read story of 2022. His Allstate disaster update— you know the story of Allstate having to produce its entire internal DNC list to class counsel — has received absolutely MASSIVE attention since he posted it last week. He’s obviously a special guy. And I attract special talents.

  1. And the number one most-read story of the year – no surprise here: my wildly popular POWER RANKINGS of all the top plaintiff attorneys in the TCPAWorld. Absolutely huge readership on this play. And why not? Who better than the Czar himself to help you assess the danger posed by a putative TCPA class action lawsuit. I’ll be honest – I definitely tweaked some people with this one.

(Just wait for my defense side power rankings to come out later this year…)

I hope you enjoyed our mid-year review. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Summit too!

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