“I don’t even think I can afford this shit”


2021 has finally seen the big billionaire space race come to fruition.

Jeff Bezos launched into the ether on a historic flight among his company Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket, while also taking out celebrities later this year. William shatner and Michael Strahan on the same trip.

Richard branson also made its way into the atmosphere aboard VSS Unity with its space exploration company Virgin Galactic.

And then of course there was Elon musk, which won NASA’s only lunar landing grant to send SpaceX rockets to the moon, sparking controversy and a setback from Bezos and Blue Origin.

But noticeably absent among those billionaires keen to leave good ol ‘planet Earth is Mark Cuban, who got a hilarious response earlier this year after being asked whether or not he would make the trip.

As we revisit some of our favorite 2021 interviews, Mark Cuban’s interview from last October with Jim Norton and Sam Roberts on Faction chat comes to mind.

In plain language, after being asked if he had any desire to go to space, Cuban responded with a simple “F * ck No!” Before admitting that he is “terrified of heights”.

“I own a sports team, I own the Mavs,” said the Dallas Mavericks owner. “I want these trophies, these are the skins I want on the wall.”

The talk show hosts brought up the concept of “competitiveness” among the billionaire squad, asking Cuba if that sentiment would ever be enough to change its mind.

“I don’t even think I can afford this shit, these guys are really rich. I mean, I’m really rich, but they make me look poor, really poor, ”Cuban joked amid a loud laugh. “Pay your way on Cuban, it’s good! “

On Monday afternoon, Cuba’s net worth was about $ 4.5 billion.

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