Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? Strange light view of the west coast of WA



Astronomical experts say an unusual hovering white light that shone in the western sky last night and was seen more than 1,100 kilometers from Yallingup to Carnarvon, was likely fuel for a space rocket launch.

There have been dozens of reports of the light on social media pages and people have described seeing a pencil-shaped structure shining a bright light in the air for a few minutes, before disappearing in a cloud that s ‘is then dissipated into the atmosphere.

Matt Woods of the Perth Observatory said there were several rocket launches yesterday, including a solar observatory launched by the Chinese.

“What you’ve been able to see, the lucky ones, is basically the second or third stage of a rocket,” he said.

“We think it could be a Chinese long-marching rocket that launched its CHASE solar observatory or a Soyuz rocket that was also launched yesterday with 36 satellites in the OneWeb internet constellation, so it is a rival of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite.


The Chinese H-alpha Solar Explorer (CHASE) launch was the 37th Chinese orbital launch of the year. It took off from Taiyuan in northeast China, carrying 10 satellites for a variety of uses, including meteorology and maritime navigation.

OneWeb, a British company, launched its Soyuz rocket lifted off from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia.

Mr Woods said views like this will become more common.

“We’ve actually seen a few of them over the past couple of years and we should probably start seeing them more regularly, especially with the Chinese who are so active now with rocket launches,” he said. .

An unusual light has been reported by people between Carnarvon and Jurien Bay.(ABC Midwest Wheat Belt: Michelle Stanley)

Mr Woods said those who witnessed it essentially saw liquid fuel being squeezed out of the rocket as it entered orbit.

“You basically have hydrogen and oxygen being pulled and it’s like a big dump of fuel, especially at the end,” he said.


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