Jake Lancer shares his new single “Tomorrowland”

Futuristic, avant-pop and invigorating are three words to describe the queer icon and pop singer Jake Lanceris the new single. Entitled “Tomorrowland”, the track is taken from his just-released four-song EP LIFT-OFF! which is out now.

In the hopeful new single “Tomorrowland”, Jake Lancer paints a picture of an idealized city full of fun, acceptance and possibility. With lyrics like “let me take you on a trip / downtown in a rocket / we’ll travel through space and time / we don’t have to hide
welcome to tomorrowland / where the future is in your hands”, Lancer created a vision of a perfect society where the future in the best possible way is lived today. – rock inspired guitar riffs and unique robotic effect vocals. The listener can hear inspirational notes from david bowies Spatial oddity and Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP in the release with Jake Lancer’s unique blend of dance pop and electronica.

Jake Lancer is inspired by New York’s queer culture and late-night dance clubs. The mental health advocate and gay social media influencer recently released his four-track EP LIFT-OFF! which explores related themes including trauma, love and loss. The up-and-coming songwriter aims to create pop music that touches his fans, creating a safe space in which listeners can be themselves. Listen to “Tomorrowland” now and live your perfect future today.

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