Jarrett Allen tops Seasonal Top 3 Best / Worst debut



Jarrett Allen was fantastic in Cav’s debut against the Grizzlies.

The Cavs certainly didn’t rebound well against the Grizzlies. Steven Adams led all players with 14 rebounds, the Cavs having two, Lauri Markkanen and Evan Mobley, who had nine each. The guy everyone thought they could bounce on the outside was Jarrett Allen, who settled for four.

However, he clearly played an offensive role all day, as he did his best to try and keep up with the Grizz and his powerful attack. Defensively, the Cavs had little response, and in a move that further surprised some, their “best” defensive player, Isaac Okoro, started the game on the bench while Markkanen started the small forward.

Like last year, the number next to the corresponding players is the number of “points” that I will give them. So, players who have bad plays will want to be excluded or the lower number, while players who have done better will want the higher number. Not rocket science.

Which Cavs players fared best and worst against the Grizzlies?

The last three performers were

  1. Darius garland
  2. Kevin Amour
  3. Lauri Markkanen

For Darius Garland, it’s obvious, his shot put him in first place. He only shot 30% from the ground and 30% from three points. It’s only the first week, so we don’t think these will be seasonal averages, but seeing how well Ricky Rubio has performed, it’s hard not to think that there may be some controversy at some point. given this season.

Kevin Love played 17 minutes and shot like hot garbage. While Garland shot poorly and is much more important to the team, Garland also played solid defense all night, giving him a +/- zero net, while Love got roasted defensively. To her credit, Love had four assists, fourth on the team for the night.

Finally, Lauri Markkanen receives the most negative attention due to her horrific shooting performance. He actually played solid defense, but his 4-14 shots from the ground and 2-7 of three were just too blatant to be left out.

The top three performers were

  1. Cedi osman
  2. Evan mobley
  3. Jarrett allen

The first man registered gets a point for his seasonal classification and it is Cedi Osman. Osman only missed one shot the entire game, dropping 5-6 from the floor and 3-3 from three points to finish with 15 points and two rebounds. He can get more active rebounds and could definitely play a better defense, but it’s a great comeback for Osman.

Rookie Evan Mobley has two points in his season total. Mobley nearly managed a triple-double in his debut, dropping 17 points, 9 rebounds and six assists. Defensively he got roasted a lot, but so did most of the Cavs, so we’re not going to blame him too much.

Finally, Jarrett Allen got all three points and tops our list. While he only had four rebounds on the night, he went 11-11 from the floor and finished the game with 25 points, four rebounds, three steals and three blocks.

Honorable mentions: Isaac Okoro led the Cavs in +/- with a +8, and Ricky Rubio made his Cavs debut with a double-double.


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