Lakers: rival coach gives honest assessment of teams’ struggles – All Lakers


The Lakers beat the Kings in the majority of statistical categories. A big issue was how the Lakers ceded 18 more shots to the Kings.

It is not a good defense if the opponent misses the shot, but the defensive rebound cannot be secured to eliminate the offensive possession of the opposing team. The Lakers give up 11.5 offensive rebounds to their opponents, the fourth worst in the entire NBA.

It’s certainly not rocket science to realize how bad the Lakers’ defense has been this season. As an inexperienced young team, they showed short examples of locked defense, but due to a lack of discipline it didn’t last longer. Could it be more than just effort and discipline? An opposing assistant coach thinks so, as he told the Los Angeles Times.

As the game progressed, the Lakers showed their age as they were slower at the ball, and the Kings had come out shoving the Purple and Gold on loose balls. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis played 51, 50 and 49 minutes respectively. According to NBA statistics, the Lakers are currently tied for fourth by dropping second chance points to 14.6. Ironically, the Kings sit last in this category, dropping 16.1.

As the assistant coach said, it’s more than things they can fix on the pitch. The current team’s staff just don’t put the team in a position to overcome these rebound issues. With the team’s lack of assets already, it would be difficult for the Lakers to close deals to fill those holes. Let’s see what Rob Pelinka and the front office can get creative with and make these things happen.


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