Launch of the NeoCity Academy student experience aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket this morning

After some weather-related cancellations, Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket is set to fly its 23rd mission with twenty-four payloads from K-12 schools, universities and STEM-focused organizations, including an experiment created by 6 students from NeoCity Academy in the Osceola County School District. Others include the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center and the University of Florida.

A group of six high school students from NeoCity Academy in Kissimmee send out a three-minute microgravity experiment to test the effects of gravity on ultrasonic sound waves. Studying ultrasonic sound waves and their behavior in space could lead to future discoveries about other types of waves.

NeoCity Academy’s mission is to be a research-driven, project-based STEM magnet, where students are developed who believe the world can be a better place and they can be the ones to make it happen. It’s clear that with Blue Origin’s launch of its New Origin rocket on Wednesday and the experience of NeoCity Academy students, the school is on the right track with its mission.

“We are certainly proud of our NeoCity Academy students,” the Osceola County School District said. There is no doubt that the families and friends of the students at NeoCity Academy, as well as the entire Osceola County community join the school district in congratulating them for “going” where no student in the school district of Osceola County has never been before!

SOURCE: Osceola School District – Blue Origin

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