Letter to the Editor: Not Rocket Science

Re: “A County Divided”: We are neighbors to Silicon Valley, home of brains, ingenuity and visionary leadership in the tech world right now.

Here in our precious and beautiful coastal land, with a little joy and real political will, we could have an electric passenger train running on our tracks in just a few years. We could ride quietly and connect to the larger rail network.

It’s not rocket science. With a clear vision, coupled with our incredible thinkers, leaders, and current technology, all of our needs could be met. The train would be safe, useful, would connect us to buses, trains and would be adjacent to a beautiful cycle and pedestrian path.

We are leaders. This is our opportunity to create a positive future and set an example of how to move this world quickly towards non-fossil fuel transportation. Concern for public welfare, a desire to alleviate the climate crisis and improve the public transport system can all invigorate us.

I am proud to be a Watsonville resident and applaud our Council members who have taken a stand. After studying the matter, the City of Watsonville voted unanimously against the Measure D initiative.

Let’s wow the world. We can have the track and build a wonderful mass transit system.

Judy Gittelsohn


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