Letters to the Editor – February 24, 2022

Lift restrictions

With many European countries easing restrictions, now is the time for Malta to end quarantine restrictions on unvaccinated Europeans, resulting in an unfortunate situation of two-class citizens.

A rapid antigen test or PCR test provided free of charge to returning citizens should suffice. Quarantine should no longer be necessary or only until the test result, which should be a day or two at most.

Chris Martin – St Julian’s

Make hay while the sun shines

It is very evident that the call to “make hay while the sun shines” has not only been followed by construction tycoons, but also by some politicians. But the sun will not shine forever as dark clouds may intervene.

Carmel Sciberras – Naxxar

Bank queues

Photo: Chris Sant Fournier

Paul Xuereb (21 February) is correct that in Malta the majority of ATM queues are made up of elderly people. This also applies to simple transactions at the counter, when the queues actually extend to the sidewalk in front of the bank (Ħamrun). Unfortunately, it’s always difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

I am 75 years old and can easily handle online banking. My wife keeps nagging me every time she wants to transfer money or buy anything online. I explain, but she forgets!

One solution is to have a member of staff (instructions on TV won’t work) remove customers from queues and show them how to do it. Even with a 40/60 success rate, the queues will eventually get shorter. It just takes patience and good will.

Increasing the number of ATMs will also help solve the problem. I live a mile from downtown and there are four ATMs within 50 yards of my house (two at corner grocery stores, one at a gas station, and one outside the substation ). It’s not rocket science.

Paul Brincau – Uxbridge, UK

From the online feedback forum

US sanctions Russia for starting Ukraine invasion

What the United States should do is defuse the situation. But he cannot because he is incapable. Is it all worth it just because Ukraine wants to join NATO? Moreover, wasn’t NATO founded to counter Communism after Churchill ceded Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union? People tend to forget.

And when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War was supposedly over with the demise of the Warsaw Pact, why was NATO expanded? What is it, another British Empire? I would understand if Ukraine was already part of NATO. But this is not the case.

Do you honestly believe that the United States goes after Russia out of love for Ukraine or Ukrainians? Do you think Kinesha and Dewayne really care about Dimitry and Olga as they shop for discounts at the local Walmart in downtown Roanoke, VA? Until yesterday, most Americans didn’t even know where Ukraine was except in the context of hunter Joe Biden’s dealings with a highly corrupt regime. Seriously? – Michael Bencini

I hope Malta will not see this as an opportunity to sell more passports. – MCamilleri

As always, the American propaganda machine tries to paint Russia as the bad guy. The problem is that people are like sheep, they believe and follow. – Victor Bonello

Sanctions have never worked and never will. – John Zammit

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