National Snocross Championship returns, pros and amateurs alike take to Shakopee


Amateur riders and pros alike dress up and start their engines to race to the finish line.

“It’s like being on a rocket. They go pretty fast. It’s fun,” said Snocross racer Devin Denman. “Don’t fall. This is the key.”

This is Denman’s fifth season in snocross.

Racers from all over the world come to Canterbury Park to compete in the country’s biggest snowmobile competition.

“These snowmobiles jump 100 feet away and 25 feet in the air and they go really fast. They make it look easy. But trust me, it’s a pretty skilled experience,” Carl Schubitzke, President of the Amsoil Snocross Championship, mentioned.

The race track was quiet last year after COVID-19 suspended competition.

“It’s amazing like all week there was a smile on my face because it’s exciting to be back,” said Schubitzke.

It was a warm welcome with freezing temperatures.

“We’re on a racing team so it’s not that bad. The clothes we have keep us nice and warm,” said Trent Hagen.

Despite the cold temperatures, fans and riders alike say they are happy to be back on the track.

On Saturday, Snocross is from 9 a.m. to 9.45 p.m. The pro show starts at 6 p.m.


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