NFL player offers to help EA with Madden 22 issues



Green Bay Packers quarterback Kurt Benkert has offered to help the Madden 22 development team tackle the issues currently plaguing the game.

On August 7, NFL QB Kurt Benkert fought against the stigma of being an athlete who is also involved in the world of gaming and esports. He championed the fact that gambling was a waste of time and shared his story of how gambling is a positive part of his life.

Now Kurt is offering his football and gaming knowledge to the Madden development team to fix the game he loves.


Madden 22 was released on August 20.

Kurt offers EA’s help

We gave Madden 22 a 6/10 rating, saying it had improved in some areas with this year’s edition, but was still held back by some of the same issues from years past.

It’s no secret that a lot of people struggle with how the same things keep showing up in Madden year after year. One of them is apparently Benkert, who shared his take on the game as well as an offer to help EA with the development process.

He said, “Please bring me on board to help you fix the areas.” You shouldn’t be able to slant the concept of the dragon over cover 2. It’s not rocket science.

We’ve covered some of the weird games possible in Madden 22, like running 200 yards with one of the game’s oldest quarterbacks, for a touchdown. These types of games, along with the systematic issues Kurt points out, have led many longtime Madden gamers to become frustrated with the latest version of the franchise.

Coming from a real NFL player, his knowledge of both real football and video games could be invaluable to EA Sports. Let’s see if the company accepts their offer.


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