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The meeting took place two days after the Amazon founder was in Turkey to celebrate billionaire Bill Gates’ 66th birthday as the couple vacationed on super yachts. Lauren Sanchez, the multi-billionaire’s girlfriend, joined the Prince and Mr. Bezos, with the trio enjoying a hot drink at Dumfries House.

on the environment, in addition to costing billions, Mr Bezos said at the time that his long-term plans were designed with an “environmental vision”.

“We have to take all the heavy industry, all the polluting industry and move it into space, and keep the Earth as this beautiful gem of a planet that it is,” Bezos said after the launch of his rocket, New Shepard.

Rounding out the prince with compliments for his work on climate change during the meeting with the Heir to the Throne, Mr Bezos took to Twitter after the discussion.

He said: “The Prince of Wales has been involved in tackling climate change and protecting our beautiful people for five decades – far longer than most.”

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Mr Bezos added: “We had the opportunity to discuss these important issues on the eve of # COP26 – looking for solutions to heal our world, and how the @BezosEarthFund can help.”

Earlier today, Prince Charles delivered a speech in Rome for the G20 summit – which saw US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron meet ahead of Cop26 – before also take a private jet to Glasgow.

Mr Bezos, who pledged $ 10 billion to his Earth Fund to fight climate change while in Turkey, reportedly traveled from Govoka to the resort town of Fethiye by private helicopter.

The jet fuel used to power helicopters emits 21.095 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon burned.

Social media users reacted with fury, noting that Bezos and Gates were contradicting their own claims about the need to tackle climate change.

The meeting between Prince Charles and Bezos also comes despite the fact that the Prince of Wales’ son – Prince William – criticized the billionaire space race last month.

The Duke of Cambridge appeared to berate the competition – which saw Blue Origin challenge Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to bring innovations to the sustainability of space travel – as he spoke about the current issues the climate is facing. confronted.

“We need some of the greatest brains and minds in the world determined to try to fix this planet, not to try to find the next place to go to live,” the prince said.

Prince Charles on Sunday demanded action against climate change as he warned world leaders they had an “overwhelming responsibility” to unborn generations at the G20 summit in Rome on the eve of the Cop26 conference.

Prince Charles has long been an advocate in the fight against climate change.

Comparing the action needed to tackle climate change to that of war, the Prince of Wales said: “We have to get on what you might call a war footing.

The heir to the throne told world leaders it was “impossible not to hear the desperate voices of young people” demanding action.

He warned that the Glasgow summit is the “faint hope fair” to limit global warming.


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