Ranking every guest appearance on Kanye West’s Donda from worst to best



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Donda‘is many, many guest stars, ranked

For a long time, one of Kanye’s greatest talents has been his ability to get a million guests together on a record and not spin it like a DJ Khaled shitshow. He understood that collaborations should be more than just pumping verses from random guests to increase sales or flows, and that picking the right artists for the right times can be an art in itself.

But as Kanye’s music grew more blurry and rushed to his latest albums, his curation suffered as well. Sometimes he can still recruit and get the best out of people – and there are a lot of memorable guest appearances on. Donda– but its sense of conservation is surely not close to what it was 15 or 10 or even five years ago. So I decided to classify guest appearances on Donda and divide them into categories in order to separate offensive and forgettable cameos from moments that might make you think Kanye still has the Midas touch.

The theme of redemption goes too far

It is evident that Kanye is now seeking some sort of redemption after years of puppeting dangerous ideologies that are spreading across America. East Donda good enough to bring it back to light? Probably not. But the worst part is the way he uses the album to uplift artists alike in the pursuit of absolution, although they don’t deserve this opportunity.

Among them, the most embarrassing is Marilyn Manson, who is currently the subject of several sexual assault charges. The superfluous vocals of the shock rocker on “Jail pt 2” are useless. Looks like Kanye just wanted Manson’s toxic energy.

Free us from the grip that Chris Brown’s Hollister-fitting-room-ass voice still has on popular rap.

Too bad DaBaby fears the excuses because he also needs them for this verse!

Kanye needed an editor

This is the most disrespectful rap resurrection since the last Pop Smoke rap resurrection.

27) Sylène Johnson

I choose to pretend that the song Donda the intro does not exist and think of that of Syleena JohnsonEverything falls”Hook instead.

Kendrick, please grab your cousin by the ear and drag him out of the studio.

Supposedly they are on the album

25) Vory

Vory is apparently featured on three Donda tracks, but it’s still extremely forgettable. He might reveal that a secret pot of gold is hidden right under my bed, and I probably would have missed it again.

24) Alone

It would be a lot cooler if it was Sylvester Stallone. Picture it now: Sly spitting some Rambo quotes on some swollen organs. Kanye, feel free to steal this idea for the inevitable Donda reissue.

If you are a fan of François and the lights, please send me an email so that I can ask you: Why?

22) Tony Williams

It happened, I guess.

21) KayCyy

We’re about three months away from the inevitable Twitter rant where Kanye’s recent protégé KayCyy is like, “You told me he’d produce my next album if I helped out. Donda and never replied to me by SMS.

Kanye has to let them go

With Ty Dolla $ ign don’t hit like before.

Cudi should follow in A $ AP Rocky’s footsteps and ditch the music of 10 years ago and tell people he’s fashionable now.

  • “To the monk who visits the Rothschilds like Thelonious did Pannonica”
  • “In Tenochtitlan, they call me Terremoto, El Negro Loco”
  • “My bars are like the pyramid temples of Pacal Votan / As sure as the DOJ has confirmed Ezekiel’s wheel”


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