Rocket Lab is on track to launch a National Security Mission for the National Reconnaissance Office

LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rocket Lab USA, Inc’s (Nasdaq: RKLB) Electron launch vehicle is on the launch pad and ready to lift off with a national security mission for the United States government’s National Reconnaissance Office.

Scheduled to launch from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1’s Pad A during a July 12 launch window at 05:00 UTC, the NROL-162/”Wise One Looks Ahead” mission will be delivered to space on the Electron rocket from Rocket Lab.

The Launch Operations team completed a clear run through the “Wise One Looks Ahead” launch rehearsal after the NROL-162 satellite was successfully coupled to Electron at Launch Complex 1. The mission will deploy from of the Electron rocket’s Kick phase, the low-Earth upper-stage orbital configuration of the rocket that was recently used to successfully deliver NASA’s CAPSTONE satellite on its mission to the Moon.

“Wise One Looks Ahead” is the first of two reactive space missions for the NRO scheduled to launch just 10 days apart, with NROL-199 (“Antipodean Adventure”) set to launch from from Launch Complex 1 Pad B no earlier than July 22.

The NROL-162 and NROL-199 missions will carry national security payloads designed, built and operated by the National Reconnaissance Office in partnership with the Australian Department of Defense through a wide range of cooperative satellite activities with the ‘Australia. The satellites will help the NRO provide critical information to government agencies and policymakers monitoring international issues, including the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well as international drug traffickers and criminal organizations; supporting international peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations; and assess the impact of natural disasters.

Details of the launch of “Wise One Looks Ahead”:

  • The launch window opens: July 12, UTC
  • Launch vehicle: Electron
  • Customer: National Recognition Office
  • Launch site: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1, Pad A
  • Type of assignments: Dedicated
  • Payload: NROL-162

“Antipodean Adventure” launch details:

  • The launch window opens: July 22, UTC
  • Launch vehicle: Electron
  • Customer: National Recognition Office
  • Launch site: Rocket Lab 1 Launch Complex, Pad B
  • Type of assignments: Dedicated
  • Payload: NROL-199

Real-time mission updates can be found on Rocket Lab’s Twitter @rocketlab and Facebook @rocketlabusa, and on its website

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