Rockets reportedly opened a spot on the roster by relinquishing Matthew Hurt



Houston Rockets open roster spot by relinquishing rookie forward Matthew Hurt, first reported Alykhan Bijani of Athletics. Hurt had a two-way contract with the team.

A 6-foot-9 forward, Hurt averaged 2.2 points (33.3 percent on 3 points) and 1.8 rebounds in a limited playing time of 10.3 minutes per game during the League. summer 2021 for the Rockets. With Friday’s move, Hurt won’t be showing up at Houston training camp when it opens next week.

The move opens a spot for the Rockets, who were on the NBA’s offseason limit of 20 players. However, this does not guarantee that the spot will be used on a stranger. In mid-October, general manager Rafael Stone is due to reduce his roster to a maximum of 15 players on standard contracts and two on bilateral deals for the regular season.

By freeing up a spot either way, this could be the way to allow a player who is currently under contract with Room 10 for the camp – like Armoni Brooks, who has played important NBA minutes with the Rockets this season. last – to be converted into a bilateral before the regular season. The other Houston bilateral contract currently belongs to Anthony Lamb.


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