Roscosmos chief congratulates the successful launch of the Angara carrier rocket – Science & Space


MOSCOW, December 27. / TASS /. The head of the Russian state space company Rosccosmos Dmitry Rogozin congratulated the command of the Russian space forces, the developers of the carrier rocket Angara, on its successful launch.

“My congratulations to the command of the Russian space forces, the operational crew of the Plesetsk spaceport, the Khrunichev Center, the Energomash Research and Production Association, the Research and Production Center of Automation and Manufacturing of ‘instruments, at the Ground-based Space Operations Center Infrastructure on the successful launch of the heavy Angara! ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Rogozin, now we have to wait for the performance of the Persei booster, which was developed by Energia Rocket and Space Corporation and first launched by the Angara carrier rocket.

The Angara-A5 heavy carrier rocket was launched by Russian space forces from Plesetsk spaceport on Monday at 10:00 p.m. Moscow time.

The Persei booster, a modernized version of a unit originally intended for the Proton-M carrier rocket, was developed by RSC Energia. The head of the Russian state space company Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said earlier that the Persei thruster will be launched for the first time on the heavy carrier rocket Angara-A5 in 2021.

Angara is a family of Russian launchers, with versions ranging from light to heavy. The new family uses environmentally friendly fuel components. There were two heavy Angara rocket launches from Plesetsk – December 23, 2014 and December 14, 2020.


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