Rust’s November Update Brings Desert Bases and New Rocket Launch System



Rust’s November 2021 update is almost here, and developer Facepunch has now revealed what’s to come with the survival game. There are two major additions this month, which aim to allow players to set up in military bases in the desert and then smash enemies (“or anyone nearby”) to pieces.

With the November update, Rust gets “fully procedural military bases” that will be different on every server, every server wiping, Facepunch explains in a press release. The structures and layouts of these bases draw from a pool of individual modules and will fulfill four different models. In each you will find “a few” entry points and a “regular loot with a pinch of oil.” Apparently the scientists who hang out near the bases won’t be thrilled to see players approaching, so be prepared to deal with their resistance.

Perhaps more importantly, at every desert military base monument you will find a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) parked. This is a vehicle you can use to fire up to 12 rockets at any target – not counting safe zones, of course – that can deliver a serious punch against bases and ” unprotected targets of opportunity (hello, zerg hordes) ”. SAM sites can counter them to some extent, but you’ll need several to fully combat a full barrage of 12 rockets – two SAM sites can only partially repel them, although three sites should do the trick if you’re facing full. whip.

Unfortunately, the MLRS cannot be driven, so you will not be able to take its considerable military might on the road with you. To use one, you will also need to collect a few items first. You’ll need to find an MLRS aiming module, located in locked hackable crates, and between one and twelve rockets that you’ll find in elite crates, APCs, and attack helicopters. Both of these types of items need to be inserted into the MLRS and then, once done, it’s ready to fire using the device’s targeting screen.

To help you with your aim, you will find a target circle on the in-game map. This is not correct, be careful – you will find that the multiple rockets you have loaded into it will not necessarily all hit the same spot, though. ‘they will generally move more towards the center of the circle. However, they will not step out of the circle. The rocket launcher has a ten minute cooldown, so it can be reloaded and reused quite quickly, given its power.

If you are interested in the full rundown, head to Rust’s blog page to the game’s website later today for the update message when it goes live.

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