Seminole is a key player in the first ESports championship | Seminole


SEMINOLE – Sports don’t always have to take place on a field, court, or ice rink – just ask a group of players who competed in this month’s premier ESports Championship, hosted by the Florida Recreation and Park Association.

The event rewards players from across the state – and all age groups – who have practiced and honed their skills and now have the chance to meet on an equal footing.

The qualifying heats were held earlier this year and the preliminary games kicked off earlier this month. The championship matches will take place on Saturday August 28.

The town of Seminole was represented by eight teams, competing in Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Rocket League, according to Alex Koagel, program coordinator with the city of Seminole. Seminole will have three teams in Super Smash Bros., two teams in Rocket League, and three teams in the hugely popular Fortnite.

The city joins 39 teams from across the state of Florida, Koagel said.

“We are delighted that the city of Seminole is represented in all three games and a strong possibility of bringing the trophy home,” he said.

Koagel said the city got into esports a few years ago with the blessing of city leaders to open a lounge at the recreation center.

When other recreation centers around the Sunshine State started discussing a championship, Koagel said it was an easy decision to join in the fun.

And it didn’t hurt that Seminole’s esports adventure had a local champion with a bit of a lure in Tallahassee. City recreation director Becky Gunter is also FRPA vice president.

“Esports is one of the fastest growing recreation programs,” Gunter said in a press release in May. “Young and old alike appreciate the competitive nature of the game. We are excited to bring our communities the premier recreation-based esports tournament in the state of Florida. “

A champion is expected to be named Monday, August 30. For more information on esports, visit

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