Sherrone Moore discusses ‘natural transition’ to coaching offensive line



Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore is embarking on a new journey with the Wolverines football program this season. With more responsibility comes with more eyeballs on the product you are producing. However, this product will become a source of familiarity for Moore, who has now moved away from the tight end position and is working on building the offensive line.

It’s not too dramatic a change for Moore, who is familiar with the offensive line as a former tight end in addition to a strong coaching skills that involves working with offensive linemen.

Speaking exclusively to The Michigan Insider at the Harbaugh Golf Classic, why did Moore decide to take on the responsibility of being the Wolverines’ offensive line coach?

I think more of the opportunity, ”said Moore. “I always had that in mind because I played it. So it’s always something I thought about and wanted to come back to. I was always oriented towards the offensive line and I was with them and I spoke to them. So, it was a pretty natural transition for me because of my past and my career plan, and because I worked so closely with them anyway, working with the ends tight. So it was a fun transition for me. “

Moore will work with offensive coordinator Josh Gattis and new running backs coach Mike Hart to help revive the Wolverines’ running game. Fortunately, the program has a lot of talent at its disposal to put things on the right track.

Approaching the offensive line isn’t rocket science for Moore. It is not going to complicate the process too much. Sometimes you just need to build the fundamentals to be successful.

I think it starts with a mindset and a physique, and how you do it and how you approach it in practice, ”Moore said. “Because, if you don’t move people in the practice, you won’t move them in the game. It is therefore a matter of moving someone from his place that he does not want to move. And it really comes down to the basics, you know? You start playing peewee football and the guys are talking about ‘low man wins’. It’s all a matter of pad level. There are two types of lever: the pad level on the hand lever. So if you can win both and keep your feet moving, you will usually have a chance to win the game. So really trying to get back to basic football and come back to it. Because I think sometimes you can (fall victim to) “analytical paralysis” and do a lot of over-thinking when sometimes the answer is right in front of your face. Try to be simpler, but tackle the problems with fundamental improvement. “


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