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Calcutta: Agnikul Cosmos, a space technology start-up based at IIT in Madras, unveiled its large-scale second-stage rocket engine, Agnilet, at the International Congress of Astronautics (IAC) and the World Expo from Dubai.

Agnilet is the world’s first one-piece 3D printed motor completely designed and manufactured in India, and was tested in early 2021 by Agnikul.

Agnikul has signed several pacts with various stakeholders that will directly catalyze efforts to launch the one-piece 3D printed motor in 2022.

“The unveiling of the Agnikul engine at a global level such as the IAC allowed us to present the capabilities of Indian space technology startups to the international community and also allowed us to enter into agreements with several commercial players such as NPC Spacemind and Precious Payload, ”Moin SPM, co-founder and COO, Agnikul, said in an official statement Friday.

Agnikul has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NPC Spacemind to provide end-to-end solutions to its customers as NPC manufactures advanced satellite subsystems and small satellite deployers.

Another agreement with Precious Payload was signed to gain global access to customers. “We have been following several interesting small satellite launch projects, and Agnikul is one of them… we are happy to add Agnibaan, a customizable and scalable rocket,” said Andrew Maximov, CEO of Precious Payload in a communicated.

Agnikul also signed a separate agreement with Indian company Asaco, which will help the startup to realize various structural subsystems of Agnibaan.

In December 2020, Agnikul had signed an agreement with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) under the IN-SPACe initiative to have access to the expertise of the space agency and its facilities to build engines. rocket.


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