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Splatoon 3’s story mode calls itself “Return of the Mammals,” suggesting mammals are about to make some big changes to Splatlands.

A furry octarian during the Return of the Mammals story mode in Splatoon 3

While there are still a few months to go until 2022, it’s already shaping up to be a good year for Nintendo. Pokémon Legends: Arceus and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 are on their way, and Splatoon 3 should be released next year. Splatoonthe success of the young Nintendo franchise is well represented by its position alongside Pokemon and THE legend of Zelda. Although it has only existed since the Wii U era, Splatoon looks like he’ll have a solid third entry on his hands thanks to Splatoon 3, which introduces all kinds of new weapons which should give a new perspective to the experience.

Splatoon always has a story mode, and the story of Splatoon 3 is particularly noteworthy because it suggests that great changes are coming to the world of Inklings and Octolings. Nintendo refers to Splatoon 3the story mode of “The Return of the Mammals”; in other words, it seems that a large number of mammals are reappearing in this cephalopod-centric world. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about mammals, but it is clear that Splatoon never be the same again.

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Splatoon 3’s Mysterious Mammals Review

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Technically Splatoon 3Mammals are not the first mammals in the series. This credit goes to Judd, the cat who acts as judge for all Splatoon PvP matches, as well as his Li’l Judd clone. Some parts of Splatoon lore says Judd was cryogenized during the days of humans and finally woke up in the days of the Inklings, long after humanity was extinct. He then used this machine to clone himself, creating Li’l Judd. To date, Judd and his young self are the only mammals in the Splatoon world.

This seems to have to change in Splatoon 3. The Octarians will return as major antagonists, but as Nintendo pointed out, they seem to grow fur. The new Agent 3 appears, Splatoon 3The playable protagonist of, will have to get to the bottom of this mysterious mutation while foiling another of the Octarian army’s invasions. A substance called Fuzzy Ink or Fuzzy Ooze has something to do with the mutation; if an Inkling touches this strange goop, it will instantly be covered in brown fur, lying on the ground helpless. However, Splatoon 3Smallfry’s new companion can usefully destroy Fuzzy Ooze, perhaps suggesting that he will play a role in the mammal mystery.

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Splatoon 3The story mode takes place in a new part of the world called Alterna, and it is likely that the reason for the return of the mammals lies in the heart of Alterna. A series of strange structures inside Alterna, like a rocket ready to be launched, suggest that it was once an important part of human civilization. If Alterna were a last stronghold of human civilization, that could explain why mammals are spreading from there. Perhaps ancient human science preserved some mammals or their DNA, and after centuries of confinement, the mutated mammals finally escaped captivity.

Expanding the world of Splatoon

Splatoon 3 will see the return of mammals

While the main draw of Splatoon has always been its multiplayer, story modes like Return of the Mammalians are also a lot of fun. They go a long way to explain Splatoonwhile offering players another way to enjoy Splatoonof the arsenal of inkjet weapons. We wonder if the tradition of Splatoon 3the plot will affect the gameplay in the long run, as in Splatoon 2, the Octo extension Downloadable content allowed players to control Octolings once they were freed from the control of the evil DJ Octavio. Maybe mammals aren’t as nefarious as Splatoon 3 trailers make them appear. They just might be the next breed of playable characters in the Splatoon world.

Splatoon 3 released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

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