Summary of scientific and technological news from China-August 17



Beijing, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) – The following is a summary of science and technology news published in China.

Cargo rocket

The Long March 7 Y4 rocket, which launches a new freighter on the Chinese space station, arrived at the launch site in southern Hainan on Monday.

According to the China Manned Space Engineering Bureau (CMSEO), the rocket will be assembled and tested at the launch site, along with the Tianzhou 3 cargo ship already transported to the Wenchang satellite launch site.

AC352 utility helicopter

According to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, the AC352 mid-size utility helicopter is in the flight test phase on the sub-plateau.

The AC352 is currently undergoing flight tests at an airport 1,975 meters above sea level in Liupanshui, Guizhou, southwest China. During this phase of flight testing, with a total of approximately 25 flight hours, the AC352 will test several subjects for high altitude performance in sub-plateau areas.

Carbon dioxide flux data set

Chinese researchers have created the country’s first global carbon dioxide flux data set based on observations from the TanSat carbon dioxide monitoring satellite. This means that China is now able to perform quantitative spatial monitoring of the global carbon footprint.

Due to the rapid development of atmospheric sensing and model simulation technology, the method of monitoring carbon emissions by observing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is considered effective in assessing efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas. ..

Summary of science and technology news from China-August 17

Summary of science and technology news from China-August 17


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