Swindon cybersecurity recruitment firm hits £1m turnover in just two years

A cybersecurity recruitment firm made over £1million in its second year of business.

Ryan Surry quit a lucrative recruitment job in London to set up Intaso so he could spend more time with his wife and two young children.

He used his contacts and knowledge of the cyber recruitment industry to launch the business in January 2020. Things started well but within weeks the country was locked down when the pandemic hit.

Ryan said: “Recruiters were furloughing staff, but we decided to go on the offensive and recruit more staff while discussing their plans with businesses in my network.

“When things started up again, we were in pole position to start attracting business and we haven’t looked back.”

Intaso, which now has ten employees, is expected to quadruple this number in the coming year. With more companies expanding their cybersecurity services, Surry said the potential seemed limitless.

The company helps its customers find high-quality information as well as cybersecurity experts and sales personnel. Its 10-person team is expected to quadruple in the coming year, and more companies are expanding their cybersecurity services.

Ryan credits explosive growth in the industry and digital marketing provided by creative agency Chippenham Milk and Tweed for the impressive success of his business.

He said, “The cybersecurity industry is on an absolute rocket ship and every business needs it. It is the fastest growing technology market and it is growing three times faster than the early days of computing.

“Everything that connects to the internet needs to be secure now and in five years every business will need a security feature.

“Threats from hackers change every day and they find new ways to hack things. The growth of the industry will never slow down as there are always new threats.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for new recruits, he offers mentoring programs to bring in people from other sectors and helps his clients to expand their networks in their search for personnel.

Milk & Tweed helped the company’s customers by creating a salary calculator on its website.

The agency’s creative director, Jake Jeffries, said, “Ryan wanted the site to feel like a young, modern company, but obviously with some sophistication.”

Mr Surry said: “When 100% of the people in my industry spend 90% of their time on a computer, having a good online presence is essential.”

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