Tamil Nadu: Three rocket-launcher bombs found in closed military facility; current probe

Three rocket launcher bombs were found near an abandoned army training center in the Singaperumal Koil temple area in Chengalpet district of Tamil Nadu. Police officials immediately rushed to the scene with the bomb squad. An investigation is underway to determine the condition of the bombs. This comes amid the reported explosion in Coimbatore a few days ago in which one person died and 75kg of explosives were recovered after the incident.

According to sources, the army training center, near which the rocket-launching bombs were found, had not been operational for about a year. Shepherds grazing their cattle near the location identified the bombs and informed the police.

Ongoing investigation

According to sources, police accompanied by the bomb disposal team rushed to the scene after the rocket launcher bombs were reported and the team is trying to determine if the bombs found belong to the non-operational training center. of the Army.

Also being checked to see if the bombs are still active or released, officials said. A complaint has been filed by the police and an investigation is ongoing.

Coimbatore Blast

On October 28, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) re-registered the case of the Coimbatore car explosion which was originally registered by the Tamil Nadu Police. The decision was taken after Chief Minister MK Stalin said the circumstances surrounding the explosion were “unrelated to the state” and had “possible international connections”.

A car explosion occurred in Coimbatore near a temple, killing one person traveling in the car. On October 23, 75 kg of explosives, including potassium nitrate, were seized from the home of Jameesha Mubeen, 29, who was killed after a gas cylinder exploded in the car he was traveling in. Mubeen is believed to have played a key role. role in an attempted conspiracy to carry out sabotage activities there. Six people have been arrested so far in this case.

IMAGE: Republic World

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