Team Spotlight: Who are Moist Esports?

Find out more about one of the best Rocket League teams Europe has ever seen.

Moist Esports is a relatively new team to the Rocket League Championship Series, but has already established itself as a team to watch. Despite only a top-8 finish at the World Championships this year, many analysts considered them tournament favorites, a distinction they more than deserved.

Let’s see how Moist Esports made a name for themselves.

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Moist Esports Tournament Record

Moist Esports came into the picture in May 2022 when they acquired the Team Queso roster, following their 2nd place finish in the Winter Split Major.

The bar could not have been higher for this new organization then, but they certainly did not disappoint. After coming second only to Team BDS in the Spring region, they swept the Spring Major, winning 2 consecutive Best-of-7s in the finals to win the entire event.

Moist Esports then entered the World Championships as the first seed in EU and swept through the group stage with little opposition to advance to the playoff stage.

Unfortunately, Moist Esports fell to South American team Furia in the quarterfinals, after a best of 7 that went down to the final game. The top 8 was a disappointment for the organization, but we can be sure they will come back stronger next season.

Wet esports players

Moist Esports currently has a team made up of Joyo and Rise, 2 English players, and Vatire, a young French prodigy. All 3 players appeared in the original Team Queso roster as rookies and rose through the ranks impressively quickly.

Along with team accolades, Joyo won the RLCS Spring Major MVP award, with Vatire winning Defensive MVP of the same tournament. Despite their arrival, Vatira also won the EU RLCS MVP award from the World Championship.

Catch all 3 players competing to regain their top spot when RLCS restarts later this year.

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