“The car you always promised yourself” is a classic today


4:15 am December 29, 2021

“The car you always promised yourself” – that was the legend used by Ford when they launched the two-door Capri in 1969 with an entry-level price tag of less than £ 900.

By 18 months, sales had exceeded one million, and demand echoed that of the Ford Mustang in the United States five years earlier.

Indeed, it was exactly what Ford had hoped for.

A car to please the whole family but especially the father who still needed four seats yet who bowed to his sports ego.

With Cortina’s underpinnings and the sharing of many mechanical components, it was a cost-effective way to produce an all-new concept wrapped in a sleek two-door coupe and which became the first hatchback hatchback made by Ford when the Capri Mk 2 arrived in 1974.

In fact, there was nothing to touch on it at the time and certainly not at this price.

A variety of engines and equipment levels allowed it to suit individual tastes and budget.

Modest 1.3 liters, four cylinders up to the 3.1 liter monster, six cylinder rocket and quite reasonable handling if I’m honest, compared to what else was done and with a high level of comfort.

This car remained in production for 17 years and the old saying goes: “If it was successful when it was introduced, it will probably be a classic today”.

It is certainly a classic in great demand today with premium cars valued at over £ 40,000 for the ‘Brooklands’ final edition and, like so many sporty and high-performance Fords, they have become objects of desire. classics, especially for older men who can now afford the car they dreamed of as little boys in the 1970s.

The first ten years were spent during a time of runaway inflation in the 1970s and by the time production ended in 1987, Capris had grown to almost £ 10,000 in mint condition.

As part of my job, I have just purchased a low mileage 1986 2.8 Special for £ 23,000 at auction on behalf of an Australian customer. He’s going Down Under next month.


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