The Inspiration4 SpaceX mission carrying an indie-pop song to orbit



The all-civilian crew of Inspiration4 carries a special package into space in their personal gear – a digital copy of a song by an independent artist about finding meaning in existence.

Freelance singer-songwriter Foxanne saw her song “I Could Go On” rocket into space on September 15 when the Inspiration4 mission was launched into Earth orbit on top of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space NASA Center in Florida. (Full disclosure: Foxanne, real name Chelsea Gohd, is also a senior writer at Additionally, the song is not officially part of the Inspiration4 mission.)

Inspiration4 mission pilot Sian Proctor, an Afrofuturist geoscientist, science communicator and space artist, who is a friend of Foxanne, carried the single and other songs to a personal playlist as the crew toured. Earth for three days at an altitude of 357 miles (575 kilometers). This is almost twice as high as the typical orbit of the International Space Station of 200 miles (450 km). (Note: This personal playlist is separate from the official Mission Spotify playlist that the crew shares.)

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If you want to listen to the new indie-pop single on your own, you can check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and most other streaming services. A music video for “I could Go On” will also be posted on YouTube; it was shot at the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium at the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. Foxanne’s music is also available on TikTok.

Proctor and Foxanne met during the two-week Sensoria M2 analog space mission in November 2020, in the HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) habitat on the flank of the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa. The Sensoria mission series aimed to highlight groups that are under-represented in space exploration, with all missions being led by women and predominantly female.

“Analog missions like these allow scientists and researchers to conduct experiments in a unique mission environment on Mars and often institutions like NASA collaborate on research done at analog facilities,” Foxanne wrote in May. in a story discussing a documentary she produced on the Sensoria. Simulated M2 mission to Mars for

Proctor supported Foxanne’s crew of five in the mission control role. Proctor, a 2009 NASA Astronaut Selection Finalist, has also been part of several space analog teams and has done outreach science communications on diversity and representation. (She was selected for Inspiration4 following the success of an inspirational video she created about her work and her store “Space2Inspire”, which features postcards and prints of her Afrofuturistic space art to encourage conversations about women of color in the space industry.)

Foxanne’s single in Space also features percussion and backing vocals from Juilliard School-trained Andrew Funcheon and a slide guitar from AGL Studios’ Doug Gallo, who also recorded and mixed the single.

Foxanne is a longtime space music enthusiast, having composed a song on the Mars-stranded Opportunity rover and released a single featuring sounds of the red planet recorded by another rover, Perseverance. Foxanne’s debut studio album “It’s Real (I Knew It)” was released in December 2020; Elephant Talk Indie named the record best album of the year.

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